Are you doing fall photo shoots?

I've been asked the question several times this season if I was doing fall photo shoots on the farm.  You may recall last fall and winter I was advertising for such an opportunity.  

I am humbled, honored, and so grateful anyone would even think to ask me this year. 
With that said, I'm not currently taking any photo sessions on. 
I have one family I'll be shooting this fall but that is all.

I absolutely love photography and capturing moments.
But a bunch of tiny little reasons for saying no could all be summed up with the statement that it just isn't the best time for my family and I to be taking on more sessions.  

It just doesn't "feel right" for now.

But, I have been thinking about spring already.  Little fluttering thoughts here and there.  Ideas galore!  I plan on offering a limited number of Rosy Life photo shoots in the spring.

As soon as I decide what that photo schedule will look like,
you'll be the first to know.

Giveaway time! (my favorite things)

Remember how I had a birthday almost a month ago and I mentioned that YOU, my sweet readers, were one of my favorite parts of year 30?  And I made mention of a favorite things giveaway? 
Well, it's here. 

See, I told you I wouldn't forget. :)  We're just on the "better late than never" kind of clock around our house.   

You really are my fave.  Every time you read my posts, send me emails, or leave a trail of sweet just brings such a huge smile to my heart and face.  I don't take it lightly that you choose to be kind to me with your words and spend time here, at the Rosy Life.  My world is certainly much, much rosier because of you. 

And since I can't send you bushels of sweet potatoes and buckets of coffee, I suppose these favorite things will have to do. :)

Included in the giveaway:  polka dot alphabet stickers, Project Life scrapbook cards, confetti, a mini clipboard, square frame rubber stamp, baker's twine, alphabet stamps, Rosy Lips chapstick (it really is called that!), a fat quarter of fabric, card embellishments, and this print from my shop.

Giveaway starts.....well, now. 

And ends Monday evening after the kiddos are in bed, around 8:30 or so! :) 

To enter: leave a comment with one thing that makes your world rosy.


Jen, of the blog Sacred Moments, YOU are the winner!! (using
Email me at ! :) 

Toddler fun this fall! (we're getting our "sporty" on)

I've been surprised how easily we've settled into our fall routine, school schedule and all.   My girls go to a preschool a couple of mornings a week and although I was looking forward to them having this experience I was not looking forward to trying to make it on time!  Or giving up our free time at home. But, I'm happy to report we've been dressed nicely and on time every single morning so far! 

I think I deserve an Olympic gold.  
And of course, we've still found plenty of time to make and create at home, just like the long-lost days of summer.  One of my favorite ways to create with the girls is to simply lay out a few enticing things and see what they come up with on their own.  This afternoon it happened to be paint and pinecones.

I even had a chance to jump in and paint while the girls did also.  That is really my favorite-painting alongside my two sweeties.  I made this giant painted sign.  I still haven't quite decided what to do with it or where to hang it.  I sure do love how it turned out though. 

And those words?  Totally true for my life.

Obviously the girls are getting plenty of art, creativity, and learning time in.  Farm time?  You bet.  But Brett and I found ourselves saying out loud we'd like them to have more sporty things.  Off we went last weekend to Target to get hula hoops, a kite, (ok those two aren't that sporty), and a t-ball set.  

Once we put the bat in Anna Ruth's hands she really surprised us! Girls got some skills. :) 

One of my favorite days (ever) with the girls lately was Monday, the first day of autumn. 
We played t-ball, flew a kite super high in the sky, made art, went on a leaf hunt, and harvested the garden.  All in the most gloriously sunny weather.  

Ok fall, you win.  I suppose you've shown me we can have the enjoyment of preschool AND the carefree side of your sister, Summer.

A spiritual experience.

I have a few friends who say things I think, but am maybe not brave enough to voice myself. 

A couple of months ago at a Rosy Retreat my friend Natalie said the light on the farm during the golden hour was almost like a spiritual experience.  I nodded and grinned, knowing exactly what she meant.  
Earlier this week, this little moment came along.
I spotted two butterflies, bold in their beauty, from a distance.  Chasing butterflies is a little game the girls and I play every time we're outside, seeing who can get the closest.  This day I just happened to have my camera and the butterflies just happened to be busy enough for me to capture them up close.  Like, really close.

I snapped a picture or two, then three or four more.  I must have been holding my breath almost the entire time, shivers running up and down my arm.  
I have never captured a butterfly in this way.  A spiritual experience for me, indeed.
I suppose there are the naysayers who would quote stats about the number of good butterfly pictures already taken and put out into the world.  I suppose they might even say this was just luck, or a "good shot".  

That's all-right.  For me though, this was angels or God or something from the Heavenlies sending a hopeful, surprising, beautiful sign on the first day of autumn that a breath of fresh air had arrived.  

Dear autumn, what other lovelies do you have up your sleeve?

A peek at my art journal pages..

Adding in a few new supplies to my normal art journaling routine sure has been fun.  I feel like a whole new world of possibilities is available when a few new mediums sit sprawled all over the counter.  For this round of pages I've been using a maroon paint pen, watercolors, a sharpie, washi tape, and gouache paints.  I also added in a few magazine clippings and some of my personal photos.

With most of these pages I add a layer here, another layer there...
and then come back to the page later in the day or even a few days after that. 
Some pages end up with a white background, like the little gal below. 
Other pages end up completely messy and with very little white space left at all. 
I'm finding that I like both.

I suppose that applies to my real life also.
I like both the empty page space and and the messy layers that make up our not so ordinary lives.

This little gal was made with gouache paint. 
I ordered some off Amazon and they are a highly pigmented, very thick paint.  
These are my favorite types of paint I've ever used so far.  I have a few more ideas (guitar with flowers, anyone?) up my sleeve for later this week! 
I liked this little lady so much she ended up in my shop. 
You can find her as an 8 x 10 print here.

The web itself is a miracle.

"Do you understand how there could be any writing in a spider's web?"

"Oh, no", said Dr. Dorian.  "I don't understand it.  But for that matter I don't understand how a spider learned to spin a web in the first place.  When the words appeared, everyone said they were a miracle.  But nobody pointed out that the web itself is a miracle."
-Charlotte's Web

Free fall printables! (by yours truly)

If you read my last post then you know I'm on a quest to find the light this fall, once again.  There is the utter and complete romantic and dreamy side of autumn.....the cozy fires, the layers of clothes, the frosty breath.  Then there's the flip side-the darker than dark evenings that start at 7:30, and then 6:30...and then 5:30.  

So, this year I say to the dark "Bring it on, we're ready for you!".  I admit, my spirit gets a bit more down during the long, dark evenings.  But I am reminded that God is light and if we keep adding the light..the darkness doesn't seem so dark anymore. 

In the spirit of adding the light to our autumn season, I created this two free printables for you. 
You are free to download them from my Flickr page, which you can find here. I would love for you to use these as your computer wallpaper or print at your favorite local store.   These for personal use and I encourage you to add a little autumn light to your walls. 

(If you end up printing them for your home-I'd love to see! Email me a picture at if ya want!) 

Also, check out my friend Natalie's blog for my fall bucket list giveaway! 
(and a coupon code!)

fall basket of FUN (to beat the dark nights)

Friends, fall is upon us.  I asked a question recently on Instagram about if people were sad to see summer go or glad to welcome autumn in.  I'm not gonna lie, I was hugely outnumbered in my sadness at summer's end!  So let's just go ahead and agree to disagree, shall we?  

I never used to be a summer girl.  I lived and breathed for October.  But then again I never used to be a farm girl either.  Now that our summers are filled with enjoyable things like plopping a lawn chair down in the yard to watch the lightning bugs, carefree days romping around in the pastures, gardening, boat rides, and wildflowers that go on for dayssss....well, let's just say October has seemed a bit less "shiny" to me.     But it's here, and I am "the rosy gal" after all, so let's get down to business, embracing all that is fall. 
 Something you might not know about us right now is how much my hubby has to work.  Like, it's a lot.  A whole lot.  So, by the time he comes home and plays with the girls he's very tired and ready for bed a lot earlier than I am.  I've always been one to do something enjoyable in the evenings and the early dark combined with a sleepy husband gives me a bit more time on my hands.  

(we DO all have time, you know this right?! I hear the words "How do you have time to______" and it blows me away every single time.  What do other people do in the evenings? If the tv's on at our house, my hands are usually busy)  Sorry, stepping off my soapbox.  But we make time for what matters to us.  If your creative spirit is starving...make time for that.

I decided with the dark closing in a little earlier this time of year I'd create a basket of FUN I'd look forward to diving into all day long.  A treat for myself at the end of the day!  A companion for my tv watching or sitting next to the stove.  

Let's take a closer look at what's inside! 
 On the right side of the basket are all my art journaling supplies.  Things like tape, a mini stapler, pictures, magazine cut outs, and scrapbook embellishments all fit in a shoebox.  I also have colored pencils, watercolors, and my fave-sharpies and a paint pen (ok, my ABSOLUTE fave) .  
 I have my two journals packed in tight behind my supply box.  The journal on the right is my art journal, the cover just hasn't been decorated yet.  The journal on the left is my slow living/rosy notebook.  I keep a running list of the things that make me smile or that I'm grateful for.
I like to keep watercolors on hand in my fall basket of fun for several reasons.  Mostly because they're easy to carry around and they dry very, very quickly, as opposed to acrylic paints.
 I loaded up my basket with a couple of fall goodies....
a delicious smelling fall candle and a mini pumpkin.  
Reminders of how special this season truly is.
Of course there are some nights even I need a creative break. 
Yep, you read that right. 
Even me! 

And for those rare times I plan on reading.  Besides my huge stack of magazines, I have books.
Oh, how I love a good book.  They so easily transport me away from the nagging thoughts of the day..and into a whole new world. 

My friends, there you have it.  My fall basket of fun. 
Don't the autumn evenings sound just a whole lot more lovely with such a pretty basket to tote around? 

I also plan on making an additional sewing basket....
I'm a bit nervous about that one, but wanting to try my hand at some this season. 
Sewing, that is. 

Now, it's your turn...
go gather a basket (or thrift one),
and let the fall basket of fun begin! 
(how much fun would this be to give as a gift?!)

 { Come back tomorrow for free fall printables, created by yours truly! }

My girls.

My interesting, beautiful girls.
My 17-month apart girls....

curious, sweet, in love with the outdoors and their daddy, 
always ready with hugs for Nana.
Mud lovers, adventure discoverers.
Unique, incredibly opposite of one another, great wonders of God.

Funny, silly, and full of ways to make me laugh...

there is truly never (ever) a dull moment in our house with my girls around.

My girls love cheering for the Razorbacks, playing outside, eating at restaurants, making art, and dressing up.

Both adorable, I'm in awe at the enormous task of raising and loving them well. 
I pray I do a fantastic job.

My girls are growing to love Jesus,
with Anna Ruth saying "God made the sunset!" and exclaiming how it's purple and so pretty!

My girls are made in the image of God,
exactly how He wanted them to be. 

I pray they're learning to tuck confidence and grace inside their hearts deep...
where the world can't take it away,
and to know the extravagant love of Jesus.

The rosy in my real life!

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