Are you doing fall photo shoots?

I've been asked the question several times this season if I was doing fall photo shoots on the farm.  You may recall last fall and winter I was advertising for such an opportunity.  

I am humbled, honored, and so grateful anyone would even think to ask me this year. 
With that said, I'm not currently taking any photo sessions on. 
I have one family I'll be shooting this fall but that is all.

I absolutely love photography and capturing moments.
But a bunch of tiny little reasons for saying no could all be summed up with the statement that it just isn't the best time for my family and I to be taking on more sessions.  

It just doesn't "feel right" for now.

But, I have been thinking about spring already.  Little fluttering thoughts here and there.  Ideas galore!  I plan on offering a limited number of Rosy Life photo shoots in the spring.

As soon as I decide what that photo schedule will look like,
you'll be the first to know.