...I was here. Another weekly blog post!

Brett asked me tonight if I wanted to be working on my blog and my quick answer was that yes, I did.  It shows that I was here and showed up for the tiny details, even in the midst of a busy season that will last a couple of years at least with grad school.  I really do like snapping photos here and there and gathering them all up in one big, happy bundle and posting them to the blog.  

Here's a look at what has brought me great joy, little joy, and all the happiness in-between the past week or two.
For starters, pink and yellow still stand as my absolute favorite colors.  This paint jar is just so dreamy. I still paint at least a couple of times a week, to put myself back together.  I will love it for life. 

 This time of year is when things are just starting to get a bit colorful again.  The bright green of the moss is always so eye-catching to me! 
 Letting the light pierce the hole of a leaf will never, ever get old.
Always searching for the light, always finding it. 

 Treasures are always waiting to be found underfoot when I take the time to look hard enough.
 What is it about mushrooms I find so cool/fascinating? I'm not quite sure.  Maybe it's their different shapes and colors and the fact that they seem to pop up just about anywhere.  
 Color!! Besides brown!! 
For this shot I just set the camera down almost entirely on the ground, set the focus to auto focus, and let it be a surprise at what came out after I clicked the camera.  

 We are a water loving family.  Give us a creek, the river, ocean, or lake and we are happy as can be.  I cannot imagine a world without water.
Heart rocks are my jam.

 The stillest, clearest, purest water.
 The girls could have stayed here for hours!
**me too**

 The light is changing this time of year and it makes me want to tear up every single time.
My twin and nephew!
I love them.
 This is my sister's creek.  The photo doesn't even do it justice.  She and her family waited for YEARS to buy a place of their own that included land and their "promised land" has sure paid off.  They have created the most amazing trail down to this creek.  It feels like you're at a national park or something! 
I am beyond happy for her and their family.  I love visiting her place! 

They also have a mini farm that includes chickens, puppies, a cat, and pigs.

 The biggest celebration this time of year is that it stays light until SIX O'CLOCK. 
Hope is here!
Playing around and having fun with art.
Favorite word! 

Of course it makes sense I've ended up a librarian because we go almost every single week and have since the girls were babies! We looooove the library!
Current mood. 
I thrifted this mug and dress and thought they matched well. :) 
 Sunday outfit!
Brett usually captures the most UN-flattering photos of me but this one I actually liked. 
A casual outfit that was super comfortable! 
Weekend wear. 
 Another day playing around in my art journal. I combined Anna's art (the background) with mine (the rainbow and heart).
Art journal fun!
Thrifted sweater and turtleneck.
Stripes for days.
Happy mail from Mary!
We are meeting in less than a month!
I am flying to stay with her in Oregon for several days and I cannot wait. 
Favorite clogs and and outfit I liked!
I channeled my inner-Natalie (of Freckled Hen Farmhouse) and wore these big earrings from Grey Dog Boutique.  One of my students asked "why are you wearing those earrings?" in the kindest, most curious way.  I responded "because we get to wear what we like" and she simply said "ok" and smiled.  I love kids!!
I also love my 1984 rainbow mug I thrifted as well.
Another day of work, another outfit I liked! I couldn't tell if I should have tucked this black shirt in but as you can tell from my wet hair, I was running a bit low on time so maybe next time.

 We are learning about stop-motion films in the library and the kids are creating their own. I am obsessed with their art and ideas.  Kids are my favorite!
Save the bees y'all.
Another outfit thrifted.
Date night!
This is what happiness looks like on a weekend.

 As Brett says, "the hold-outs, the ones that won't go." 
The naughty cows that somehow managed to escape getting caught and sold. 
The first sign of spring is here and I think we're going to be ok and make it. 
Friends, we made it through another winter!!

This spring/summer gal is walking on air. 
I couldn't be more excited about camping, gardening, creeks/water, shorts and skirts, dirt road adventures, dinners on the back deck, the sound of frogs, and all that this time of year brings if I tried.

In other news I'm just over here trying to keep up with grad school, work, friends, home life, exercise, and #allthethings.

It's a very unbalanced balance yet I love my job and life and I know this is exactly where God has placed me.  So I just try again day after day! God blesses the journey, one step at a time. 

Choosing the power of positive energy!

Hello faithful friends! 
To the small tribe of you who show up to read these simple words week after week, thank-you.  Can I tell you something?  I do this blogging thing for myself but I also do it for you.  Each week a couple of people here and there tell me they like my blog and rosy words and I tuck that into my head and heart.  While I typically don't strive to do things for the sake of pleasing others, I do know the value of having little spots of inspiration outside your own world to make you see the world in a better way. 

I missed a blog post last week, as I have been fighting off "the crud", while also trying to keep up with life.  These photos are a combination of ones from my Nikon and iPhone 6.  Let's jump right in! I hope you'll leave with a little pep in your step, a smile and a sigh as you remember the world really does have much good to offer. 

I've been into writing poems lately.  Ok, so I've only written 3 or 4.  I have hesitated to share them.  This one was the first I felt like "why not?" and bravely put it out there for the internet to read. No one laughed at me so maybe I'll post another soon? 
 Sick day. 
We have had students and teachers both come down with the flu and stomach bug so I am so thankful that so far we haven't had either! Just the crud I mentioned earlier, which seems to be a sinus infection.  We are resting, drinking tons of water, taking Vitamin C, and drinking our Elderberry and recovering on our own just fine. 

What is it with the sickness this year? Maybe it's just me, but it seems particularly bad for some reason.  I am truly thankful for a job that 1.) has good sick days and 2.) has the nicest, most understanding staff when I need to take care of my little ones.

 Played around with my camera some last week, trying a bit of freelensing. 
Have you done this before? 

I have been feeling super restless with my Nikon and am really wanting to get into film. 
Do you shoot with film?

 Love these shots of my little lady enjoying some tea. 
 Anna Ruth took this shot. I like how it includes us both! 
 All the heart eyes! 
I just swoon over hand shots.  I always have.  
She was working on a very long story for school. 

 I had the biggest dose of inspiration at Target with all their patterns and colors! 
Also, I didn't actually buy a single thing but wanted every single one of these in my closet. 
We love the car wash! 
I know the whole #selfcare thing is a movement right now and for me it's about doing little things like going through the car wash, exercising 3 times a week, and staying a step ahead of my life that truly feels like self care.  OH! And giving myself a minute to sit down and blog, which was SO HARD for me to do this morning when I have a list waiting. 

Super inspired/loving this lady's outfits!!
Last week we had some warmer weather and I wanted to cry with tears of joy. 
Anna flew her kite and then found these deer antlers (horns?) in the back pasture. She was so very proud! 
Painted my nails like this last week, because why not? 
I think I'm going back to red today.
I am still completely obsessed with Dazzle Dry nail polish! It lasts at least a full week or longer without scratches, smudges, or looking bad.  And no...never paid for any opinions.
I took my phone for a random stroll through the woods and here are my interesting finds!
 I had just written a little poem on my phone and then looked down and saw this feather.  A magic moment, indeed.

Even though there isn't a lot of color this time of year I definitely notice the amazing textures that live in the natural world. 
Real life lately! 
I am a month in with grad school. 
I have so many thoughts about this.  In this photo I am feeling crummy, but proud that I still got dinner on the table.  This particular night I made myself finish my studying early so I could get in bed early to fight off feeling sick.  Most nights I do about 2 hours of studying, with a bit of a break on the weekends.  I am keeping up just fine, or actually better than fine.  However, I've noticed beyond the people at my own dining room table, others don't seem to understand the time and energy it takes to work full time and also be a grad student.  I've had to say no a lot lately to requests to help/join/do/be more and although I'm getting better at it, it still isn't my favorite having to defend my choices. 

Does that make sense? I do feel like I have a really defined list of priorities right now which helps with decision making and my yeses or nos.  My family, work, running my house and chores, teaching Sunday School, grad school, exercise, and having a community of friends/family is a very full plate for me.  

I read such a good quote by Morgan Harper Nichols last week that was basically saying don't get so caught up in being productive all the time that you forget to just let yourself be.  That we are more than our productivity! These words have really sunk deep into my soul.

Also, another favorite quote of mine is "This place where you are right now, God circled on a map for you." (Hafiz) I feel that deeply in my bones. I love my students dearly.  They are all "my kids". I am right where God placed me. I feel it every single day I walk into work. 
That conviction helps me push the naysayers aside, because my kids need me!
Both at home and at work.
Moving on-as a rule I always let the girls use my "good" art supplies and stickers.  I found this little creation one of the girls left and it made me smile. 
Those clouds!! Beautiful drive on the way to school. 
(yes, I was safe)
I need to clean this clutter at work, but that light!!
 Grainy phone photo from a night out with my co-workers. We went to see my fellow librarian's daughter in Into the Woods! It was really good! 
This photo tickled me because the person behind us totally smiled for our photo too. 
COLOR is bringing me life lately. 
I always get a bit weary when January and February come along.  However, I'm a firm believer that everyone should have something big or small to look forward to. 
My "big" things are: 
Traveling solo (for the first time ever) to meet Mary over spring break! YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!! Mary and I have been pen pals, have read each other's blogs, left voice messages on IG, and seen each other's journeys for years.  Probably 8 or 9 years?! We are truly soul sisters.  There is a scene in Julie and Julia where Julia Child meets her pen pal at the train station for the first time, after YEARS of sending letters and her husband cannot believe they've never met in real life.  He questions her, thinking it's strange they've never met.  Julia responds with an answer saying of course she knows her, she's been sending letters for years. 
THIS is how I feel about meeting Mary! We will also be traveling to see Alisa Burke, another dream artist! 
This entire trip is a dream to me.  One I've held for a very long, long time. 

We are also planning a summer vacation to Washington D.C.
I cannot wait for camping. 
Wanting to learn film.
Really into collage and poem writing. 
Teaching the kids stop-motion in the library. 
Drinking dark coffee, no creamer.
Excited to get some artsy time this weekend. 
Needing to read A LOT for grad school.
Watching Glee.
Thankful for friends.
Loving my electric blanket.

Ok friends-your turn! What is filling you up these days? 
*Last, please keep in mind the intention of this blog is the ROSY! My life isn't better or more put together than yours.  I just choose my energy, which I try to make positive.*

...I was here. Another weekly blog post!

Brett asked me tonight if I wanted to be working on my blog and my quick answer was that yes, I did.  It shows that I was here and showed...