Monday, October 20, 2014

Holiday Rosy Retreat!

I'm excited (eeek!) to announce the next Rosy Retreat event!  The Holiday Rosy Retreat is a one-evening craft night happening at the cabin on my farm.  Ladies of all ages are invited and welcome to attend.  You don't need any prior crafting experience to come and have a great time! 

The retreat will take place Friday, November 14th from 7-10 p.m. at my farm, located 15-20 minutes outside of both Fayetteville and Springdale. (I'll email you directions once you're signed up!)

We'll be making holiday gift tags and decorating unique packaging, as well as creating glass jar snow globes, and book page Christmas trees! 

We'll also enjoy eating some Christmas treats and appetizers, sip on warm drinks, and have the merriest time with both new friends and old. 

From carols playing in the background, to relaxing in the cozy farm cabin decked out in Christmas decor, I just know you'll leave with a renewed and rosy outlook, ready for the holiday season. 

The cost for the evening is $35 and includes all of your crafting supplies, appetizers and drinks, and a few homemade wares from yours truly! 

Signing up is easy! 
Simply email me at and I'll send you an invoice via Paypal. 

See ya there! 

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Teepee built for 3

Is "teepee" a bad word? I feel like it is? Maybe because it's not politically correct?  Hmmm, I'm not sure and we won't let that thought take over the post! Because I hope you know by now I would never, (like ever) mean to hurt anyone's feelings.  Let's "shake it off" girls instead and have a look at this special teepee built for 3. 
 "Let's go outside and build a branch teepee" I said.  "Do you think mom can do it?"

After receiving a quick, confident "yes!" from Anna Ruth that was good enough for me so we headed out.  

 Turns out, I CAN build a teepee big enough for all three of us!  It was already delightful with its bare branches standing strong. But then once we draped a vintage quilt over the back...
pure magic.

We all three huddled inside and listened to the airplane flying overhead, to which Anna Ruth wondered if they could see us.  We talked to the crickets and wondered what they said back, picked up acorns and beautifully torn leaves.  We giggled and tickled. A lot.  

Little teepee in the trees, we have plans to build a campfire next to you and roast marshmallows!
'till then. :) 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Christmas Products in the Shop!!

Friends, I am excited (like SO excited) to share my Christmas art with you today! 

I've been dreaming and painting away in my studio, thoughts of living a rosy holiday season swirling through my mind.  Without me intentionally planning it this way, I realized the two themes of my art are the birth of Jesus Christ and giving.  That is what makes my world rosy, after all, so it should make complete sense this is where my paintbrush landed.  Without further ado, allow me to "introduce" my new line of Christmas art, Rosy Life style!  

Each of these products are available in my shop!

First up is the Advent Calendar.  
This unique set comes with 25 colorful houses, each with a message all their own.  Concepts such as "cherish, applaud, smile, create, and encourage" grace the front of each house, allowing you and your family to interpret how you'd like to put this word into action during the holiday season.   Whether you hang them all at once, or add one house to your decor at a time, you're sure to give others and yourself the gift of rosiness this holiday season.
The advent calendar is printed on high-quality Epson Premium Photo Paper Luster with archival inks and then cut out and tied with yarn.  It will be mailed to you in a sturdy cardboard mailer.
I happen to think these would be fabulous displayed year-round!  They can easily be hung from a wire or hung on branches displayed in a jar.  The possibilities are endless and the message-rosy.

Next up are the new 8x10 art prints in the shop!  Each one shares the message of Christ and is a mixed-media art print.  All prints are printed on Epson Ultra Premium Photo Paper Luster with archival inks and come in a sturdy cardboard mailer.  

You can also find a smaller version of my Christmas art prints with these adorable greeting cards!  Each greeting card is made with a 4x6 art print and white card stock.  These are also mailed in a sturdy cardboard mailer.  The price listed in the shop is for one card. 

 I take a lot of time and care to lovingly create each one.  These probably aren't the cards you want to stuff 50 of in envelopes to send out to the masses.  But if you're looking for a card for a special someone....for them to tuck in a nook in their house to look at often and be reminded of the holiness of the season....this is the card for you.

Last (but not least) are these colorful, hand-painted MERRY fabric canvas tags!  Each tag measures 6 and 1/2 inches tall and 4 and 1/2 inches wide and are perfect for hanging in your home!  

You can find all of these items, as well as my Rosy Life paintings in my shop!

(and I have a special for you sweet readers.  Use the coupon code rosychristmas at checkout for 20% off your total order! Local peeps, this includes originals and you can message me for pickup to cancel the shipping cost! :) 

Happy shopping and thank-you for letting me share my heART! :) 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I never was any good with numbers.

 I never was any good at numbers.  Now before you look me square in the eye and give me a pep talk about self-confidence, allow me to explain.  I remember taking Trig/Pre-Cal in high-school and some weeks getting close to two extra hours in the day just for tutoring and homework.  And still making it out with only a C.  See, I told you I wasn't good with numbers. 
 So although the minutes and hours that have passed since I bravely declared myself an artist almost a full year ago are too many to count, I AM confident I've grown leaps and bounds.  I don't need a calculator or a good grasp on math to tell me that.  I remember last December buying my first pack of watercolors.  I just knew we'd be snowed in around the holidays and wanted plenty of new things to do to keep my creativity thriving, for you see that's when I'm the best version of myself.  

I felt entirely brave and bold the first time I simply added colored lines to the paper, letting the brush do the talking.  A year ago I had no idea how to splatter paint, different types of paint mediums, or what gesso was.  I just knew I was onto something.
 Many painting sessions, YouTube video tutorials, trips to the local craft store, and emails to "real" artists later....I find myself here.  These peeks into my art journal show all stages of my process...beginning, middle, and end.  Some days I simply add a bit of paint or paper collage to a page and then let it sit 'till the next day.  Other times I paint, stamp, doodle, and dream the page away...'till it looks "done" to me.  
 I'm forever grateful to the sweet community of artists on Instagram and Blogger who have taken the time to write me back when I've written with a question.  Artists who aren't afraid to share information and who place value on taking the hand of the artist next to them, not slapping it away.  There is great kindness, by the bucketfuls, being handed out in the artist community that I think is worth mentioning.
 I suppose it's because of this kindness that I DO see and pay attention to and applaud that sometimes when things get quiet in the audience I let the numbers do the talking.  Like when I'm super-duper excited about a new idea and am met with the sound of crickets instead of enthusiasm from others.  
 Those numbers'll get ya.....they'll hunt you down and stop your confidence and even your art if you let them.  Read that again...."If you LET them".....we do have a choice you know. 
 The truth is what I've discovered over the last year more than anything is that numbers and art don't go hand in hand, at least not in my world.  I'd rather spend 10 hours creating something for 1 person in need and give the art away, than 1 hour painting something for 10 people that will make me good money.  Perhaps this makes me a bad business woman...but art to me is life, breath, hope.  It can't be simply counted like the number of groceries in your cart and given a simple price tag.  It is so much MORE than a price tag.  

 So a year later...I'm learning to tell others "I'm an artist".  There are still those who want the numbers, they want to see Etsy sales in the thousands to believe it.  Maybe that will happen for me someday.  Maybe not.  What matters to me is the feeling I get when I create.  When I hand over a piece of art to someone because I want to give them a hug that lasts.  When I feel tired and exhausted from daily chores and I go paint or decorate or style a photo and then feel my body light up with excitement and passion. 

 I never was any good at numbers.  On the days I question where I'll be in five years or how many people will sign up for a retreat or how many Christmas Etsy sales I'll have...........

I bravely, politely, firmly tell the numbers to go away. 

 Then I pick up my paintbrush and invite the goodness in.

 Two women that inspire the most are Pam Garrison and Alisa Burke.  I've read both of their blogs for a long, long time.  Pam inspires me to try my hand at ALL the creative things that catch my eye.  She is an artist in the truest, fullest sense.  She paints, sews, journals, decorates, and teaches.  She is brilliantly inspiring.  I don't know her in real life so I don't know if she ever gets plagued with self-doubt.  But from the outside looking in it appears she boldly and bravely marches to the beat of her own drum.  

 Alisa (again, someone I don't know in real life) is also an artist, teacher, painter, and mom.  She is the one of the top reasons I didn't throw in the towel on my painting Etsy shop after only a few days.  She posted a series of videos on being an artist on her blog a few months again that were absolutely life-changing to me.  One line that stuck for me was to "do something, do anything."  

I thought to be a successful artist I needed a book deal and at least a hundred painting sales.  I like that she reminds me that little bits of art, in all kinds of way....matter.  
My journey as an artist over the last year has been fantastic.  And I don't intend to slow down or stop now!  My real life is messy and full and busy....and taking care of my house, husband, and girls will always take top priority over my art.  I don't have to be good with numbers to know 24 hours only go so far.  I also know, without even a fraction of a doubt...that God made me an artist.  From the time He even thought of the idea of me...artist was in my make up.  

2 things I am excited to share is that my Rosy Retreats will be shared in Mingle magazine in January, and around 20 of my lifestyle photos from Instagram will be shared in Bella Grace in their winter issue, out December 1st I believe.  One of the *best* parts is that the lovely ladies from these magazines contacted me all on their own about being included in their amazing publications!  Honored doesn't do the opportunities justice. 

Also, stay tuned, Christmas is coming to the Rosy Life Art shop this weekend!!

Real-life reminder.

 Sometimes I feel like my real-life people see and know a different me than the public people.  Truth is, some days I get tired too.  Not because I'm doing "too much", just because I have two toddlers and a real life like everyone else.  My neighbor friend came over recently and I told her how refreshing it was that I can skip the "house is messy" talk with her and just invite her on in.  What a Heaven-sent gift of a friend!  My reminder for today is this: With your real-life people AND your bloggy/Instagram people...there's so much more that goes on behind-the-scenes than you think.  Show grace and reach out anyway....the blessings of friendships and helping others is so worth it! 

So while you may see this lovely view of my art journal on Instagram.....

 here's what the rest of my house looks like from a morning of play. 

:) Rosy and real. 
We're all a bit of both, you see. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Pumpkins with Pomp and Circumstance.

Dear Autumn,
 Some days you are go, go, go....exercising, cleaning, laundry, reading books, journaling, cooking, and checking things off the list.

Other days you are wake up sloooow, play a little, cook the meals...and just enjoy the in-between spaces.  

You're hot weather so far, reminding us of our summer days and feeling like our toes are still dipped in its carefree water.

You're making art, plans for Rosy Retreats, and blogging all in the public eye.

Behind-the-scenes you're long days with lots of working hours for our family, farm chores that double as entertainment, backyard dates, potty-training, preschool, afternoon naps, and sometimes climbing into bed to watch tv at 8:30.  

You're texting friends and wading through the waters of real-life friendships.  
You're lonely sometimes, but using that space to draw closer to God. 

You're opportunity come knocking, without me even asking.  You're brave. 

Autumn, you have me puzzled.  You're (borrowing the words of Momastery), "hard but good". 

And really, what isn't?  I can look at each stage of my life the past few years and nail down some "hard but good" scenarios.  I don't know where your autumn winds and fall leaves will take us this season.  Your friends, Winter, Spring, and Summer, have taught me over the last year it's ok to not have everything figured out.  It's ok to be scared silly of an idea (and even to be criticized sometimes), but to go ahead anyway if God says to go.  It's ok to start small.  Your lovely acorn is the perfect example. 

So I'll carry on with my rosy outlook in both my public and behind-the-scenes life.  Rosy Retreats will be announced, art galore will be made....we'll celebrate you Autumn, to our deepest heart's content.  We'll rest on the days we're tired...
we'll always choose to serve others and graciously give towards those hurting or in need first. 
We'll take care of ourselves so that we may take care of others.

We'll pray when we don't understand,
we'll love at all times.
We'll keep dreaming, but not get so swept up in the Dream BIG message that we forget our people right around us, beside us, in front and behind.

We'll let you remind us again, how to rest.  

bring your pumpkins with pomp and circumstance. 
We're ready for you, secrets and all.