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We are no longer empty. (!!)

Friends, our "open, but empty foster care home" status has changed.  We have a new little one.  We are overjoyed, although our "hello" was someone else's "goodbye", so it is understandingly bittersweet.  For us, just sweet.  
I'll pop in soon because this space feels like a dear old friend and I picture so many of you as I sit and write these words.  I just couldn't not tell you about our new addition. 
May I ask for your prayers as we transition to a family of five?  Here's to living the rosy life, one day at a time. 
(and I just have to add, right before we picked our little one up this week we heard the song "I want to see you be brave!" the minute we walked into Wal-Mart.  Jesus is so real to us, isn't he?)

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