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The hope-bearers.

Spring is coming!!! Imagine me yelling that in my best, loudest Oprah voice.  You know the one.  Where she holds her arms out wide and lets her excitement over something just blare.  THAT's the voice I'm using in this post! 
This post is for all you non-foodies who are rolling your eyes over another lengthy, long-winded food post I just did before this one.  Let's be honest, some of you are so tired of reading about my health journey and I'm ok with that.  I am laughing as I'm typing that by the way. I always wonder if y'all can pick up on my sarcasm through the screen.  I do love a good bit of sarcasm and comedy but you have to almost be some kind of humor jedi to make it work through the screen.  Which I am not.  But a lot of what I write I am doing with a grin!  I am all about embracing each season, leaning into life, yadda, yadda. BUT, winter is just not my fave.  This year we had another chimney fire (sigh) in our rinky-dink fireplace leaving the main ro…

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