Wednesday, September 17, 2014

fall basket of FUN (to beat the dark nights)

Friends, fall is upon us.  I asked a question recently on Instagram about if people were sad to see summer go or glad to welcome autumn in.  I'm not gonna lie, I was hugely outnumbered in my sadness at summer's end!  So let's just go ahead and agree to disagree, shall we?  

I never used to be a summer girl.  I lived and breathed for October.  But then again I never used to be a farm girl either.  Now that our summers are filled with enjoyable things like plopping a lawn chair down in the yard to watch the lightning bugs, carefree days romping around in the pastures, gardening, boat rides, and wildflowers that go on for dayssss....well, let's just say October has seemed a bit less "shiny" to me.     But it's here, and I am "the rosy gal" after all, so let's get down to business, embracing all that is fall. 
 Something you might not know about us right now is how much my hubby has to work.  Like, it's a lot.  A whole lot.  So, by the time he comes home and plays with the girls he's very tired and ready for bed a lot earlier than I am.  I've always been one to do something enjoyable in the evenings and the early dark combined with a sleepy husband gives me a bit more time on my hands.  

(we DO all have time, you know this right?! I hear the words "How do you have time to______" and it blows me away every single time.  What do other people do in the evenings? If the tv's on at our house, my hands are usually busy)  Sorry, stepping off my soapbox.  But we make time for what matters to us.  If your creative spirit is starving...make time for that.

I decided with the dark closing in a little earlier this time of year I'd create a basket of FUN I'd look forward to diving into all day long.  A treat for myself at the end of the day!  A companion for my tv watching or sitting next to the stove.  

Let's take a closer look at what's inside! 
 On the right side of the basket are all my art journaling supplies.  Things like tape, a mini stapler, pictures, magazine cut outs, and scrapbook embellishments all fit in a shoebox.  I also have colored pencils, watercolors, and my fave-sharpies and a paint pen (ok, my ABSOLUTE fave) .  
 I have my two journals packed in tight behind my supply box.  The journal on the right is my art journal, the cover just hasn't been decorated yet.  The journal on the left is my slow living/rosy notebook.  I keep a running list of the things that make me smile or that I'm grateful for.
I like to keep watercolors on hand in my fall basket of fun for several reasons.  Mostly because they're easy to carry around and they dry very, very quickly, as opposed to acrylic paints.
 I loaded up my basket with a couple of fall goodies....
a delicious smelling fall candle and a mini pumpkin.  
Reminders of how special this season truly is.
Of course there are some nights even I need a creative break. 
Yep, you read that right. 
Even me! 

And for those rare times I plan on reading.  Besides my huge stack of magazines, I have books.
Oh, how I love a good book.  They so easily transport me away from the nagging thoughts of the day..and into a whole new world. 

My friends, there you have it.  My fall basket of fun. 
Don't the autumn evenings sound just a whole lot more lovely with such a pretty basket to tote around? 

I also plan on making an additional sewing basket....
I'm a bit nervous about that one, but wanting to try my hand at some this season. 
Sewing, that is. 

Now, it's your turn...
go gather a basket (or thrift one),
and let the fall basket of fun begin! 
(how much fun would this be to give as a gift?!)

 { Come back tomorrow for free fall printables, created by yours truly! }

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Monday, September 15, 2014

My girls.

My interesting, beautiful girls.
My 17-month apart girls....

curious, sweet, in love with the outdoors and their daddy, 
always ready with hugs for Nana.
Mud lovers, adventure discoverers.
Unique, incredibly opposite of one another, great wonders of God.

Funny, silly, and full of ways to make me laugh...

there is truly never (ever) a dull moment in our house with my girls around.

My girls love cheering for the Razorbacks, playing outside, eating at restaurants, making art, and dressing up.

Both adorable, I'm in awe at the enormous task of raising and loving them well. 
I pray I do a fantastic job.

My girls are growing to love Jesus,
with Anna Ruth saying "God made the sunset!" and exclaiming how it's purple and so pretty!

My girls are made in the image of God,
exactly how He wanted them to be. 

I pray they're learning to tuck confidence and grace inside their hearts deep...
where the world can't take it away,
and to know the extravagant love of Jesus.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Rosy Retreat Recap!

Friday we woke up to chilly temperatures, a moody drizzle falling, and the need for layers.  I just knew it was the perfect night for nestling inside the farm cabin, warm and cozy for the Rosy Retreat.   Right, I was!  We gathered that evening around 7:00 and quickly handed out introductions, trading "hello's" and "nice to meet you's!" as easily as if we'd known each other for years.  

I'd emailed the ladies beforehand with a schedule for the night and first up on the agenda was practicing a bit of storytelling with our photography.  I'd painted pieces of cardboard (really, diaper boxes!), tore white pieces of paper for stamping, and gathered some scrapbook tags with inspiring quotes and words on them.  After quickly explaining how we can tell such a different story with our photos when we include a word or phrase, we got to work.  
Each gal chose a paper or cardboard piece, as well as the message they wanted to convey. We took these photos inside since it was dark and rainy outside.  My tips were to photograph your story (your paper or cardboard) showing an interesting point of view.....either only photographing someone's hands, or from "neck to knees", or even hands held up above your head.  I also think this idea would look awesome with a sign propped up by your feet, in daylight.  Maybe even with a few other props included!  

I adore how these turned out!  I'd made sure to tell each participant that I really didn't want anyone feeling out of place or uncomfortable during the night.  So there was no pressure to have your picture taken, but I'm so glad these ladies did! 
Next up we moved on into the kitchen to paint fall leaves!

We cut the leaves out of old book pages and had a variety of paint colors and brush sizes to choose from for expressing our creativity through patterns, shades, and fancy designs. 

Of Monsters and Men was playing in the background, delicious smelling candles were lit, and the laughter and conversation was plentiful.  It was wonderful being seated around a table of such unique, confident, creative ladies.  For many of the attendees, this was the first time in a long time they'd had a chance to partake in something creative, just for themselves.  It was beyond rewarding for me to see the joy on their faces as they remembered how much fun it is to let our fingers and hearts do the talking and to actually make something! 

After crafting away we needed a bit of nourishment, which came in the form of pumpkin dip and apples picked from across the street, pumpkin pie granola, herb and vinegar potato salad, and decaf coffee.  It was really important to me that every gal be able to sit down with a delicious plate of food so the pumpkin dip and granola were both made sugar free.  I also made sure the food was gluten-free so that my gluten-free gals could enjoy themselves! 

We ate outside, on the screened in porch with the twinkle lights, quilts gracing our laps to fight against the autumn chill. We covered so many topics over the course of the night-creativity, church, food, confidence, music, our kids.......
This night was so many things to me.  It was pure fun, being surrounded by a group of ladies and having the whole night to ourselves to talk, craft, eat, and photograph.  It was healing, sharing stories of confidence being rebuilt in our lives.  It was honoring, having each of these women believe in my idea enough to participate....and then go on to really enjoy themselves.  

Most of all-it was fun!  And isn't that what we all need?  I think a good dose of laughter and time to rejuvenate our unique selves is such good medicine for our daily lives.  I pray each gal left with their eyes a bit rosier, their step a bit lighter. 

{You asked-I'll be sharing more news soon about the next Rosy Retreat, taking place in early November.  The theme will be the holidays!}

Friday, September 12, 2014

These are my confessions...and fun for your weekend.

 I'm fascinated by people.  People watching, talking to people, spending enough time with them to learn what their quirks are.  Everybody has a few quirks.  Clearly, I have one for funny hats or headbands worn on my bday.  My beautiful twin is well.....beautiful, both inside and out.  Who else would go along with my ideas like this?  

I find myself thinking "Surely, this is normal"  at least once or twice a today I bring you my weird.  My confessions of quirkiness, if you will.  

1.) I strongly dislike planners.  I've learned to become organized and planned enough to raise a family, run an Etsy shop, and run a house.  But give me a planner with color-coded blocks and make me schedule days and minutes....well, I'll run for the hills. 
(in my defense, I do use a wall calendar now.  Baby steps!)

2.) sometimes I feed Bouncy (our dog) the leftover sausage. the good stuff. the expensive kind. 

3.) I used to be a nursing major in college. For one semester. 

4.) I would consider myself both an introvert AND extrovert.  I need some time each day (and a pretty good chunk each weekend) to just draw and listen to music and be quiet.  But I could also talk just about anybody's ear off. 

5.) I have a secret blog where I keep the list of other blogs I read on a daily basis. 

6.) today I bought the Of Monsters and Men album.  Love it. 

7.) I tear up a lot. like at the story I read in Oprah about an interior designer who designs for help military families.  I get embarrassed every single time.  I wish I didn't.  It's who I am. 

8.) When something's really "WOW" to me....I say "holy cow" to myself.  

9.)  I love tv, specifically America's Got Talent and Parenthood.  And Jimmy Fallon.  And Food Network. 

10.) I don't wash my hair every day. 

11.) sometimes the girls and I don't eat breakfast 'till close to 10.  Maybe every few weeks or so. I NEVER share that on IG.  I'm scared of people's reactions! 

12.) I really, really like relaxing at home.  Or going to a thrift store to browse.  I don't like shopping at the mall for fun. 

13.)  My close, best friends are very few.  As in 3 or 4 friends I consider close.  People think because I blog I have a huge, wide circle of bff's.  Nope.

14.)  I like rap.  And country.  And Whitney Houston.  And Johnny Cash.  

15.)  I'm sugar/dessert free for over 3 months.  

16.) I like to eat a snack almost every night before bed. 

17.)  I like friends who let me be included in their lives and help them....bring them food, etc. 

18.)  I have a few IG friends I wish I could meet in real life!  I long to meet a tribe who understands daydreaming, painting, long flowy skirts, and free spirits.

19.)  I'm praying for change this autumn.

20.) although a fan of a "happy mess" some mess stresses me out.  like the blue marker I found all over the girls wall today.

21.) I think the natural word speaks volumes we never even hear.  I want to hear.

22.) I have several "secret" boards on Pinterest. One has over 500 pins.  

23.) I adore feathers, webs, and heart rocks. 

And last, a few links that had me saying "yes."  I think you'll like for your weekend! 

1.) Friday Night Meatballs here.
2.) On prayer and the table and my friend Margret here.
3.) I already can't wait for this.

Got any confessions or questions for me?  :)