Outfits, pretty photos, and that time I self-published a book.

Thought I'd pop in for a little update! I do love this blog and all the memories it holds too much to let it go.  Life has been more than busy.  Life has been a lot.  Yet I've still been trying to capture the light and pretty things, wear the outfits that make me feel good, and plant some joy for my own soul and those around me too, week after week.  Some days this feels easier than others.  Feeling pretty easy this morning because we are so close to Thanksgiving break and I just have one last final to study for-that's it! I have a list a mile long of fun things, relaxing things, and organizing/cleaning I want to tackle. 

Took this photo early one morning while I was up to study.  I thought it looked so peaceful.

This was when the house was still decorated for fall...

I remember now! It had been raining for days this week and at last that bright, buttery sun finally came out and we cheered as if it were Christmas.
Fall really was good to us! We watched so many fall-ish movies, started on the Harry Potter dvd's and Anna's reading the books, had a Halloween/birthday party for my Grandma, sweated our way through a corn maze, roasted pumpkin seeds, dressed up in costumes, raked a leaf pile, and tried to savor the season.

This little tree was SO magical and SO pretty this year!!

:) Then we moved on and decorated for Christmas EARLY! Best decision ever. We've actually had our stuff up for a couple of weeks and I didn't even feel the need to let the Internet know.  Ha! It does seem a lot of people are decorating earlier this year.  I say 2020 has been an absolute doozy so bring on the cheer! 
I don't guess I really took photos of our decor, so I'll have to show that in another post.  I am loving gold, sparkles, twinkle lights, and COLOR. Obviously! 

Well, here's one little view of our dining room, where the girls still spend most of their time.  

Now we move on to bad quality phone pics! Apparently I ended up with a lot of outfit pics for this blog post.  Don't worry, I have a new mirror on my Christmas wish list so we can get rid of these!  

Also, is the mirror still dirty from my daughter spraying her detangler SO close to it, every single time? Yep.  Am I still too lazy to wash the mirror or ask her to do it every single time? Absolutely. 

So because I'm 37 I figure I can wear exactly what I want and what's comfortable. Meet my new BFF-the jogger pant. 
Brett caught me walking in this one, but you can find me wearing an H & M dress with these thrifted ballet flats and jean jacket quite often. 
See? Another day, another H & M dress.  My headband is from Freckled Hen Farmhouse!

Had a fun little day date with Brett recently in our favorite town! 
Spotted outside one of my schools. So inspiring!!
A sweet co-worker of mine gave me this jacket! 
This picture accurately sums up the year! Some days you're just standing next to your Christmas tree that's up WAY early, making yourself exercise, while you're anxiously awaiting your husband's COVID results.  UGH. They were negative by the way. Thank goodness!

I've been exercising on average 3 days a week for almost a year.  I can literally feel it helping my mental and emotional energy shift when I move my body! 

Beautiful clouds spotted while handing out books, curbside at work! 

Thrifted sweater, Target skirt, and still really loving my nail polish from Dazzle Dry! It lasts forever and is my favorite! 
Haha! Trying to look like a fashion blogger.  Thrifted outfit and my favorite wooden clogs-Lotta's! 

:) Caught Anna reading to Betsy one night. I just love these two so much! Lately they are into dolls, Harry Potter, chess, Nerf guns and paper airplanes, reading, art, being outside, cooking, Legos, and more! I want a part of them to always be little...and for them to keep their imaginations. 
Let me tell you about my recent shopping experience, which I guess the virus and staying home has ruined for me.  Or maybe my priorities have shifted? 

I went to a neighboring town recently and went to a few shops, including Target.  This town is WAY bigger than what I'm used to driving in, living in, and working in on a daily basis.  The stores were SO packed and the Target was absolutely nuts.  I just about had a panic attack! For real.  My heart was pounding and I couldn't think.  Of course, I also needed to eat lunch too.  But man, it was rough and I didn't stay long.  I DID buy these window stickers and they ARE bringing us great joy. :)

All that to say, do whatever you need to take really good care of your mental well-being. I am.  For me that means finishing the rest of my shopping online and yes, you can still support local! 

Here's to taking really good care of yourself, so that you can love really well on the others around you! 
Oh, and here's my one plug for the entire year. 

Remember that time I self-published a book, full of art, inspiration, photographs, poems, and stories about a life lived with rose-colored glasses? 
Well, I haven't advertised it because that's just now what I do but it's still available and would make an absolutely lovely Christmas gift!
You can order your own copy here!

I did a whole post on the book, if you'd like to see what some of the pages are like!
You can find that here:

Ok rosy friends, I'm sure I'll be popping in more often over the next few weeks because I'm really close to a break from grad school!  Love yourself well.  Take care of those around you. We need each other!

And don't forget-have some fun. Plant some joy! :) 

This is hard. And that's ok.

A favorite quote of mine says "Just because someone carries it well doesn't mean it isn't heavy." I just wrote several paragraphs about this current season but then deleted them, because trying to explain life in 2020 as an educator, grad student, wife, mama, friend, etc. in a neat and tidy package on the internet is just too much to ask! Instead, let's look  at the bits of happy keeping me going.

Not pictured: my dearest village.  They say it takes a village and I'm so thankful for my friends and family who hold space for the easy days and the hard.  

These girls are just the most joy-filled.  I pray and pray they'll always keep a bit of silliness and being little inside, even as they grow.  I have kept a wild imagination and it's made life a lot more fun. :)

We're back to nights by the fire.  My journal next to me is one of my safest, most favorite places in the world. 

I made a wreath! I bought myself the most beautiful book on natural wreath-making, from dried flowers.  A couple weeks ago I picked the flowers to dry and made a wreath from them this weekend. I'll be doing this again for sure! It was super relaxing. 
Is there anything better than weekend breakfast?

The leaves by the library are always glorious! 
Our first time to the library (at least one of our local libraries) in seven months. I almost cried when we walked in, as the library has been my refugee and favorite place in the world for years.
Real life.  Juggling grad school has been TOUGH lately.  I've been getting up at 4 something to get ready in the mornings so that I have time to study. Although this sounds horrendous, it really and truly makes my days go SO much better to have that time in the morning. I have one month left of this semester and then FIVE WEEKS OFF. I could weep, I'm so relieved.

Then, 12 hours left total!!!!!!

The past couple weeks I've been doubling down on my health choices again. I made these homemade nut butter cups for a treat at night and they are SO good! Perfect for having around to resist the Halloween candy, which always leaves me feeling like garbage afterwards anyway.

That morning drive to work sure is stunning. 

One particular day last week the light was shining and flickering on my face and my desk in such a peculiar way.  A co-worker of mine even noticed and said how my face was shining.

I felt like it was a visit from God himself. I felt very seen. :)

The creativity is still running high around here! 
Brought home this bubble wrap from boxes at work because I knew it would delight the girls.  It did!

The leaves have been beautiful.  

This is the time of year I light a LOT of candles.  Something about the scent is so truly relaxing and calming to me. Aldi and Wal-Mart make my favorite smelling candles! 

The birds!!
Loving this outfit, although I'm now missing on of those shoes. How does one lose just one shoe? I'm not sure I know the answer! 

This shirt was a quarantine purchase and I just adore the color!

Coffee is always, always a good idea. My favorite coffee in the world is Dark Magic by Green Mountain Coffee.

Ha! How I feel about things a lot of the time. :) 
Something that truly gives me a sense of calm is keeping a tidy house.

Nail color for now!

Did some crafting this weekend and that made me VERY happy!
I realized I never showed you all my adorable teacher planner! It is book/librarian themed and I couldn't love it more.  I am a Happy Planner user for life! (Happy Planner is the brand) I have one for work and one for home. I adore them! 

More coffee, more art.  Totally part of how I recharged myself this weekend. How are you holding up on your side of the world?  Do you have some happy things that fill you back up, some people to tell your most serious truths, some good meals and hot drinks to fill you?

I hope so.
Also, what are you reading currently?
I just finished The Rural Diaries
and Little Fires Everywhere.

I'm currently reading The Unlikely Story of a Pig in the City. 

Outfits, pretty photos, and that time I self-published a book.

Thought I'd pop in for a little update! I do love this blog and all the memories it holds too much to let it go.  Life has been more tha...