There's a whole lot of "new" going on at our house.  I'm trying to dip my toe into the pool of new and let myself get used to it all, without totally diving right in so as not to get overwhelmed.  Oh, and this reminds me of a funny random story! On vacation in Branson it was like 60 degrees. WAY too cold for the awesome swimming pools. So we sat in the hot tub instead and watched this gentleman go down the big slide into the freezing pool over and over.  And each time come out shoutin', saying "WHOA MAN, That's COLD!" and carrying on like it was the first time he'd done it.  And repeat. Repeat, repeat.  It was hilarious.  He was having a good 'ol time, shocking himself into that icy cold water.  I like that kind of excitement for the small things. 

In the spirit of NOT shocking my body into all the new, I'm taking baby steps.  This is a view of my art being printed as an "Art Print" to sell in my shop! For weeks I have wrestled with the best option for making prints of my canvases and I finally decided on this printer and to do them myself at home.  As with anything big and expensive you always wonder if it was the best choice. After watching this print and seeing and feeling the quality, I absolutely know it was. 

Hoorays upon Hoorays. 
Less than a week! 
For sale: Prints of my painted canvases! That means you can purchase an 8 x 10 archival quality (it won't fade over time) print on Epson Matte Paper in my shop! 
Originals (the actual canvas) added to the shop later.
Questions? Please ask! (and tell your friends)
I like seeing the same pretty views day after day, like our dining room table adorned with the prettiest of wildflowers. We do lots of real life around this table.  It holds story after story. 
Anna's imagination is at a whole new level lately.  This gal is so clever and funny.  She surprises me....we'll buy a new toy and then she'll want to play for days with the box and stuffing that came with my new printer box.  This day the brown paper was her "roller coaster".  She'll even make the "WHOA" sounds and wiggle her body around like it's the wildest ride ever.  Cutest thing ever I say.

Again with the table.  The light in the spring speaks to me.  I wrote on IG how the combination of light and shadows is speaking volumes to me lately.  I suppose it's the whole "beauty in brokenness" thought, meaning these shadows bring mystery and a somberness...but then that light.  Always that light.

It's hay cutting time also....
evenings spent having picnics watching Brett cut the hay 
and me getting the girls to bed by myself. 
(Treadmill, will I ever, ever see you again?) 

I love hay season though.  Something about those bales of hay....
these beautiful pastures. 

I spy a girl big enough to start potty training!
We started this week and I'm holding my breath big time because so far it's going well. She's almost three and I held out 'till now because she truly didn't seem ready yet and my twin sis (my parenting advice GO TO) suggested waiting 'till three.  

I don't write much about timelines and goals and parenting stuff like that on here because people (ok, other mamas) can just be so "My way or the highway".  Totally not my personality.  I'm just happy to be on the road at all...and to each their own on how they do it. :)  But we're doing it! No accidents yesterday and I could not be more proud. 

These girls. 
They are learning to communicate with each other and actually play together (sometimes) and that is super, super fun.  It has been a long time coming (a year and a half since Bets was born!) 

Brett and I commented the other day what a genuinely happy gal Betsy Grace is most of the time.  Unless she doesn't get enough sleep and then she's super aggressive and throws fits the size of Texas.  But usually, happy and a ball of energy. The biggest wiggle worm I've ever seen.  

I love both these gals fiercely. 
I'm still exhausted 98% of the time. 
But it's a well-worth it kind of tired. 

But things like this keep my mind fresh, and isn't that where it all starts and ends?

What's new in your world?



  1. Your art is so pretty! What kind of printer did you end up buying?

    1. Thank-you! I bought the Epson Stylus R2000. I love it! Very awesome quality. I recommend buying directly from the Epson site and not from amazon though! Amazon is more expensive :(.

  2. So fun and exciting. I love watching your adventure.

  3. So exciting about the printer!! Which exact one did you end up going for?

    We've recently done potty training with my eldest (he turned 3 earlier this month). Especially my husband felt a lot of pressure to get him potty trained asap, so we'd tried before over Christmas and it was a big disaster. But this time around he just got it. A few accidents the first week or so (and refusal to do number twos on the potty/toilet!) but it clicked really soon after and now he's reliably dry, even if we are away from home or out in the car. Good luck!!

    1. Hi Iris!
      I bought the Epson Stylus R2000 printer. It's awesome! Very worth buying.

      Glad to hear the potty training is going well! You give me great hope :)

  4. I love this!!! I will be at the print-selling point one day. The printer part is where I'm stuck, so congratulations on this step!!! I'm so excited to see your shop take shape!


    1. Thank-you for your excitement Julie!

  5. That’s a hilarious story, indeed! Well, I guess it would have been awkward to stop that man, since he was clearly enjoying the freezing pool. I wish you were able to take a video of him, though, and post it on your profile. Haha! Kidding aside, I think you can revisit the place during summer to enjoy the swimming pools. :)

    Tiffany @ Pools ‘n More


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