Get real. Real nice.

I'm real, real tired today.  I just thought I'd lift you up with that lovely thought first thing.  :) No really, I just read a blog post that made me sigh the hugest sigh of relief.  It was a mom showing her house and life and kids and how real it is.  I like people I immediately feel myself around.  I am lucky enough to have a handful of gals where this is the case.  Some I've only known a few months.  They're not the ones you feel like you have to be on your best behavior around.  They're just around. 

So today let's be real.  I was up for far too long with Betsy Grace and my first thought (ok, my second) was that I remembered how utterly exhausting it is (physically at least) to be up with a baby and then get up and be swept into the rest of the world that is carrying on like their night time was completely normal.  It reminded me to be extra kind to other mamas, whether they act like they need it or not.  My guess? They do.  On our Branson vacation a couple followed us out of a restaurant and said they were watching our family while we ate.  My first reaction was a horrified one, considering I looked like a walking Mexican food bar after wrangling both girls at the table.  

The couple then went on to compliment us, the girls, and our happy family.  They said they remembered being exactly where we are, and they now have 8 grand kids! Do you know what sweet balm that was to my heart? 

I'm paying attention to WHO I pay attention to lately and it's changing.  It's not the exclusives, the gals with all the followers and all the money and all the best of the best...
it's the nice ones.  The ones who are real in their struggles (but not pessimists), who are real in their celebrations.   The ones who help others cheerfully and gladly, like my friend Natalie. The girls who know how to have fun and include everyone, those.....

Don't you love it when you spend time with someone and leave feeling like you were the most valuable part of their life at the moment? 
That's how I want to be.  I want to let my real life people know they matter.  To pay attention to their interests, to promote their businesses and hobbies, to celebrate their gifts, to clap and cheer loudest at their wildest dreams, to cry with them, and to deliver kindness.

Nice matters.
Those two words could properly sum up this whole post. 
One day a friend of mine texted, asking for prayers.  She was having a bit of a rough morning and I was so thankful she felt comfortable asking for help. We need each other, don't we? 

I always keep Target paper goods on hand because I watch the clearance section for them.  I packed up a mini canvas and peanut m and m's and delivered it to my friend to surprise her. 

When I saw her face and felt her hug, I knew again.
Nice matters. 
Let's get real. Real with our lives, real with our friends,
real with our love. 
Real nice.

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  1. Another great post! I so agree...nice does matter!

  2. Oh, how I love this :)

    Several times, when struggling, a few friends have dared to drop something off at the door - uninvited. I love those kind of people :)

    And, I love your posts. You are real Sara and it's so nice.


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