Fishin' for the first time.

Last night we hung our "gone fishin' " signs on our minds and hearts and headed down towards the pond, on the log barn place.  Anna Ruth was delighted with a pink pinwheel that would spin and spin as we drove down the road, all four of us packed into the truck together. 
We stopped to admire the daisies still standing strong, tall, and beautiful.  My most favorite patch, which you can read about here, was thick and looked like the friendliest bunch of wildflowers you ever many flowers all crammed in together.  I'm sorry to say they're all gone now, wiped out when the preparation for the power line (which is out of our control) happened.  I sure am glad I stopped to fully enjoy them last year, it takes a bit of the sadness away.. (but not much).  

Do you like daisies?  My mom says they used them in her wedding.  Doesn't that sound wonderfully cheerful and hopeful? I think so.
We bought Anna Ruth a Dora fishing pole (her choice) before we went on our mini vacation.  She was pretty excited to get to use it all by herself this time.  She was probably most excited with her daddy's tackle box, all those neat and tidy spaces to organize the lures.  This is just her thing.

Brett helped her cast the line into the water 2 or 3 times and then she was able to do it all by herself! We were so, so surprised and proud!  I tried using this pole today out on the boat and it is not an easy one to cast.  She has quite the arm on her.  

Of course, little sister always wants in on the fun too!  Most of the time Betsy Grace gets swept up in the moments of whatever's going on and you might overlook how much she's observing and learning.  When I handed her the pole she first pressed the button in, and then began to try reeling it in.  She doesn't miss a thing!  (and those legs! What a cutie)
So we didn't actually catch anything with the Dora pole. Brett and I both caught a fish with the big pole.  He carried his over to show the girls and the reaction on their faces was priceless.  I don't know that they could decide whether to be amazed, intrigued, or grossed out.

Me and my catch......
We were all hanging around the truck, having the best time.  Anna Ruth knows her mama loves to make art and take pictures and just lately has really started taking an interest in both.  She asked me (or told me rather) "I want you to take my picture".  And this is the face she quickly made.  Priceless.

I sure am glad God got my attention with Brett 7 years ago or so and helped me realize how much the country life is for me.  It is my greatest pleasure to roam the pastures, fish the pond, gaze at the wildflowers and teach my girls how to savor and appreciate this beautiful way of living.  Every time I hear Anna's tiny voice say "Look! A beautiful butterfly!" I feel certain we're storing up things in her heart and mind that will last....whether she grows up to become a city gal or not.
Here's to many more days of fishin',
and and catching more than just fish. 


  1. Hello! My name is Laura, and I wanted to tell you that I think your blog is just lovely! I believe I found it via Pinterest! I love all of your beautiful pictures, and the love you feel for your family..
    My 3 children are all teenagers now, but listening to you tell the stories of your little girls growing up evokes such warm memories for me. Your passion and love just shines!
    I love your craft room with all the buntings and color. It must be such a happy place :)
    Thank you for inviting me in......

  2. Hi Laura! Thank-you so much for stopping by my blog. It is nice to "meet" you :) I can't imagine the day my girls are teenagers....from what I hear it will be here before I know it. :)
    Blessings to you!


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