dreamy daisies. (and other wildflower tales)

 I'm going to apologize right now for the MASSIVE amounts of daisy pictures this post contains. 
But just try to look through this post without smiling! 
I bet you can't do it. 
 We have patches on the farm that are just covered with daisies as far as the eye can see.

We're talking, daisies EVERYWHERE. It is just the dreamiest sight.
I told Brett I wanted to lay right down in the middle of them.
No, seriously I would! 

 Seeing as there was loads of mud and cow manure underfoot I decided to skip laying down and go for a quick pic instead.  Don't you worry daisies, I'll sneak back over to you soon and lay among your cheerfulness! :) 

Just a few other wildflower bouquets I picked in our yard and some pretty flowers from next door.... 
Aren't they breath-taking? 

I have the worst case of spring fever when it comes to daisy and wildflower picking. I mean, I could just roam among the flowers all day. 

{Do you enjoy wildflowers? How do you display them in your house?}


  1. Wildflowers are SO beautiful. Definitely can't look at your photos without smiling!

    Maybe I could tiptoe out and bring a picking home for my mantle and dinner table?

    My backyard pickings are slim! ;)

    1. Kalyn, we just need to plan a time for you to come out with your camera. :) Let me know when! You'd have a blast :)

  2. Daisies must be in your genes. We used them in our wedding even though it was in December. In Southern California it didn't seem to matter! They don't observe winter....

    1. Hmmm, a flower (or weed as Brett says) that isn't knocked down by winter. I like the meaning of that! :)


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