My girls are getting B-I-G.

It's like I turned my back for a second, 
and my girls are big.
I mean, look at those looooong legs! When did that happen? 

Betsy Grace is all kicks and giggles, squeals and daydreams now.
Her voice is becoming her own. She's even rolling over a lot and grabbing my face! (in a sweet way)
She's big. All of a sudden. 
One night the cows came up REAL close to her and she didn't even flinch! (this is from a gal who startles when her mama laughs too loud)  She must have a little inner cow-girl too ;)
Betsy is even enjoying her food now! Hooray! 
This day she (clearly) had carrots.  I love the little expressions she gets when she experiences food for the first time.  She even started fussing at me for not getting another bite quickly enough. I'm praying she loves food as much as Anna Ruth does.

This was banana day.  (and I know the rash doesn't look good under her chin. Too much slobber and heat makes it hard to keep away....but we're following doctor's orders to try to keep it at bay)

We have now officially entered the fun season. :) 
I don't mind the first six months of a little one's life at all,
but once they turn six months how the personality shines!

{and in other news, Anna Ruth used the big girl potty all. by. herself on Sunday, May 26th!! I wasn't ready to start training her honestly, but she kept talking about it so we went for it. Apparently she was ready!}


  1. How great is it that Anna let you know when she was ready!! Oh, and I absolutely adore you Betsy Grace food pics.


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