Book Talk.

 The girls and I have started making library visits.  We have two libraries within pretty equal driving distance-Fayetteville and Springdale libraries.  The Fayetteville Library is gorgeous and massive.  The building itself is just stunning! I prefer the aesthetic of their children's department over Springdale's, but overall I like Springdale Library better.  It is much smaller but seems to have a much better selection of new books that I'm alway wanting to buy. 

Plus their story time is smaller, well planned and more Anna Ruth's size. 
So to each their own, but for now we are adoring Springdale Library.
There's even a park with ducks and geese next door, and a pool/splash park!
Before our last visit to the library I went through my wishlist and looked up which books were available to check out. Most were! Hooray!  I like doing this because browsing with two babies isn't realistic.  

 Hand in Hand looks like such a neat book!  I took pictures of my favorite projects :).  Most of the ideas are for older kids, like maybe elementary age.  The whole book reminded me of my crafty, smart niece. :)  
 I found this one while quickly scanning the new arrival section.  It will require me to read a little more in-depth but overall it looks like it's full of ideas for learning at home. (and to answer the question I always get asked-no, we're not homeschooling but I do  plan on doing some learning activities with the girls at home in addition to their public school education)
 I picked this book up because I adore journaling and recognized the author's name. The inside is GORGEOUS! I think I gasped over almost every single page.  I sure do love my blog, but I admit, there's just something about a journal on paper.....
If you're into mixed media type journals definitely check this out! 
 I had my Sunshine by Sara business in mind when I picked this one up.
If you're creative and not number/excel/left-brained minded like me,
you should give it a peek. ;)  

 "The Dirty Life: On farming, food, and love".
complete with chippy barn on the cover.

Haven't read it yet, but already I'm sold.
Will let you know my true(er) thoughts soon.

What are you reading? Please share! :) 


  1. I just started re-reading the Harry Potter series even though I have a dozen or so new books loaded and ready-to-go on my Kindle.

    I've been searching my local libraries for some handmade wedding books but I haven't had any luck locating any :(

    1. Glad you mentioned the Harry Potter series! I read them a long, long time ago but only made it to book five I think. Such wonderful, wonderful books! I'll have to go back and read them too. :)

      BOOO on not finding any wedding books! How exciting to be planning a handmade wedding! I'm already married, but still adore wedding idea books. :) Here's a good blog (in case you don't already know about it)


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