{Moo} Hello Monday.

 Hello Monday,
and fields that glow.
 Hello reflecting on the goodness and peace of God,
hello answered prayers.
 Hello cows,

 hello country entertainment.
hello watching and listening to the cows.
They have a sound all their own.

 Hello friendly farm animals,
Hello happy mama, all my models all lined up in a row behind me.

 Hello finding new reasons each day to fall more in love with my country life,
Hello wanting to share a piece of this relaxation/simplicity with others.

 Hello learning to focus more on one thing, with pure, undistracted sight,
instead of darting my eyes around to many things (and missing the big picture completely)
Hello to no more t.v. (it's been almost two weeks! Minus Curious George a few times and weather updates), and instead enjoying this kind of view in the evenings. 
Hello real life beauty,
Hello June,
parks and playgrounds,
hay season,
garage-sale-ing with a friend soon,
and trusting God for mini miracles in so many ways in our lives right now.

{What are you saying hello to this week?}


  1. Hello work, new routines, and new friends at school (for Little).


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