Blessings from Betty (my Wal-Mart cashier)

I'm going to be reallllly honest.  Grocery shopping is not one of my favorite mama chores. Not by any stretch of the imagination.  It's a lot of work to find a tiny window of opportunity when both girls are awake, happy, and well-fed enough to go.  Now before you correct me, I know what a blessing it is we have A.) enough money to shop, and B.) delicious food to fill our tummies with

But still, not my favorite chore.  You know who loves it though?  Anna Ruth!  Going to the grocery store is one of her top favorite things to do. (It might have something to do with the treat I give her at the end...) So off we go, week after week.  

 I realized way back when that I would always go through a very nice lady's line named Betty.  Pretty soon I started looking for her and would make sure we went through her line.  She's just the sweetest lady ever.  She always comments on the girls and asks how we're doing.  She oohs and ahhs over the girls...and is so patient with the scurrying about to get the bags back in the cart.

I decided to bless Betty, for the many, many times she's blessed us. 
I picked her a bouquet of daisies and made a quick thank-you card to attach to a jar.  I was SO nervous taking it in to Wal-Mart. What if people thought I was weird? 

Turns out, the day I brought it in she wasn't there!  I spoke to the assistant manager about Betty (because apparently their not supposed to receive gifts) and bragged on her. It felt good to do that.  He said he would leave the flowers in the break room and tell her about them. 

Mission accomplished. Who has blessed you,
and how can you bless them back?