This is called "hospitality".

I've been trying to teach Anna Ruth more "in-depth" (for an almost two year old a least) things lately.
Like what healthy means (when she's wanting to eat 3 hotdogs or 5 pieces of bacon)....and things like hospitality.  You should hear her little voice say that word. It's precious.  We got to practice some homegrown hospitality  lately by having my twin sis and her husband and three kids stay with us for a few days.

They were in-between houses (sold one, waiting on another to close) and we offered our upstairs for them to set up house in.  So for a few days we had five kids under the age of five running around. Part crazy, but mostly happy.
Anna Ruth did need some time to herself towards the end.  She sure thought she was big having all the kids over at her house.  She was practically strutting half the time around the house (when she wasn't chasing and squealing)

2 families combined for a few days, smiles and laughs exchanged.  Drinks poured, meals prepared.  Discipline given, but mostly joy shared between cousins.  A new rhythm set with so many kids. Collective sighs of relief when we managed to get all FIVE kids in bed one night close to the same time. Pitter-patter of feet on the hardwood floor, squeals and shouts, homegrown hospitality at it's finest. 

We ate meals together, and the adults got to hang out a couple of nights on the back deck after all  kiddos were asleep. Boy, that felt good.  I truly want Anna Ruth and Betsy Grace to grow up knowing that whether we have a lot or a little-we share.  We open our home to others and love on them through smiles, great food around our big dining room table, toys shared, and comfort served.  

{How have you shown hospitality lately?}