Dear farm picnic,

 Dear  farm picnic,
 You were a fantastic idea.
 I found a deep, settled kind of happy among your rows of cut hay.

 Easy to throw together, your dining style was relaxed and carefree. With little to clean-up.  That made this mama's heart sing. 

 Had I not met and married this wonderful man I would have missed out on the beauty of you. 
 Your dining style suited Anna Ruth as well.....eating her way through her dinner, hole by hole.
 Sandwiches of pumpernickel bread, horseradish, turkey, pepperjack cheese, and pickles make my mouth water to remember. 

You provided plenty of entertainment for these two, not a toy in sight.
Chip bags to chew on, fields to explore, daisies to admire.

Thank-you farm picnic for a dreamy dinner, just a few feet away from the back door.
You were right in all kinds of ways.

Your food was delicious, your mood carefree.
Until next time,
A mama who's fallen head over heels in love with the farm life