So we had a bad day. (but we turned it around)

Memorial Day weekend......a mixture of glorious highs and lows.  Silly lows-but still lows. We had a bad day in the mix.  A broken I-phone screen, Nikon camera we were told needed to be replaced, this and that.  A "bad" day.  A day where it felt like too many diapers and laundry were crowding my vision.  So, we turned that baby around.  :) 
 Brett and I got to sneak away for a coffee date after the girls went to sleep, thanks to my super sweet mother-in-law.  This was like grace handed straight to me.  Such grace.  Coffee and conversation are my love language.  They can turn the weariest of mama's around.  

 Then the next morning the girls were up super early so we dressed quickly for church and headed to The Little Bread Company.  A beautiful, creative spot.  With delicious food to boot! 

We had quiche, muffins, and "hot coffee" as our dear Anna Ruth says.  Another drop in the "Let's turn this baby around" bucket.

We came home and I napped.  I've been doing that more.  One the days where I'm real tired I don't wallow in guilt. I nap. :) And while I napped Brett fixed the camera that I was told needed to be replaced.  My hero. 
Some people claim that I'm "super-mom" (lean in a little closer and I'll tell you a secret. I'm not)
or look as if they have it all together.  Sometimes I'll see pics of other families where everyone's smiling and looking like a Hallmark commercial.  No mention of bad days. Ever.

Those aren't my people.  I appreciate a good dose of honesty.  With a healthy side of grace.  I'm thankful for grace from a handful of best friends who lean in to listen when being a mama has caught up with me.  I'm thankful for realness.  I relate to bad days.  But I long to be the kind of gal that shows how to stand strong through them and turn them right around.  (and usually I'm saying "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" over and over in the mean time)

Here's a last quote that gives power to my thoughts:

Don't be pushed by your problems.
Be led by your dreams.

I'll amen to that.
(We ended the weekend with a fantastic farm picnic. More details soon)


  1. Yes, we all have those days, but it sounds like you turned it around for the better! So glad you were able to sneak away with your husband for a coffee date! I still nap while Charlotte naps form time to time... a mama needs her sleep!

    1. Hi Julia! I hope you all had a great weekend. Do you love coffee as much as me?! :) A mama DOES need her sleep. I find it makes such a difference in my mood and energy level if I'll try to make time for resting first. :)

  2. Glad your weekend turned around, and I agree naps do wonders for the soul! :) I wish you could have seen my family driving home from the fair the other night.. lets just say all three kids screaming...haha. Glad the good always outweighs the bad! Happy Tuesday!

    1. :) LOL, your description of your family made me laugh because we had the same scenario this weekend....just two kids instead of three. We didn't know whether to laugh or cry with 'em! :) This parenting business is a wild ride.

  3. Sounds like a perfect fix for a bad day!! Living next to family has been grace for us on weary days many, many times :)


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