Farm Retreat.

My goodness this weekend is off to a refreshing start.  We have this neat cabin on the property right next to our house.  It belongs to the entire family and is just magic waiting to happen.  I had the idea a few months ago to invite my twin sister (YES, I have a twin!) over for a weekend retreat.  She gladly accepted and this weekend was our chance to unwind. 
 She came out yesterday evening and we had the best time sitting on the back porch, eating pizza like we were in our 20's again.  (I only downed three pieces, my oh my)

 We went for a farm drive on the Ranger and I drove.  I am happy to say I did just fine, great actually.  What a treat it was to have my hands free for driving and taking pictures.  The farm is our hobby, part-time job, beauty, and challenge.  It is nice to take a break from the work side of the farm (which is really Brett's doing more than me) and just enjoy this beautiful land we get to call home. 

 We also watched a movie, ate loads of popcorn and candy, and talked about every subject under the sun.

A good breakfast and few cups of coffee later and I am feeling like a new woman. 

All in way less than 24 hours. 

Sometimes life tells us that because of money and time, retreats and relaxing and joy found aren't for us, only those who can afford it.  I say, not so.  If you don't have your own spot to go to, why not pick some flowers, brew some coffee, light a candle....and sit where the evening light is just right.  And breathe.  Real, real deep.  Imagine, sing, rest, pray, cry (happy tears, I hope).  

And leave your phone inside :)  Nature and God and the heavenlies are waiting to meet you. 


  1. The Torbetts have created a magical place at the "old house". It is felt by all who visit there.

    1. You guys should come stay the night sometime! :) Love you..

  2. That creek is awesome! How fun!


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