We're on our way..

Something about these images (my own) with this quote (not my own, but understood) are sinking down deep in my mind, seeping in to my thoughts, goals, and daily practices.

(art update here)
Practice, time, hard work, learning, and prayer are all some of my biggest behind-the-scenes friends right now.  OH, and my least favorite (if we're being honest)-discipline.  Discipline is a tough one to swallow.....but we can do hard things. And easy things. And all the in-the-middle things. 

We're on our way to being transformed into beautiful butterflies....
if we'll only stick with our hearts in the energized times and the tired times. 
The "feeling it" times and the not feeling it.  
Butterflies you and I, we will be. 
You with me? 


  1. Believe it or not.....I get this :)

    My prayer today, as I took the Lord's Supper in church, was to be transformed in any way that God wanted to transform me. That means change and it's hard and yet, to be transformed by God means He's working in your life.

    God is definitely working in your life Sara :)

    1. Change is hard, but change is good :) We can do hard things!
      Blessings friend.


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