We woke up to the most gorgeous, soft rain this morning and then the clouds parted a bit and we were treated to this sight! The puffiest clouds and prettiest blue sky.  The girls and I immediately headed outside.  I think it's the place we're all happiest. 

I used the timer on my camera to capture these.  They're not perfect, I'm wearing something I threw on because I was up waaay too much with a teething gal, and I'm not wearing any makeup.  Yet, they're some of my favorites.  The girls didn't realize the camera was snapping away so this is truly us just being us. 
Playing football and throwing totally and completely like girls. 
And nothing beats a good 'ol fashioned game of chase.  It's a nightly ritual around our house!  As soon as the last bite's eaten at the dinner table Brett and the girls enjoy a rousing game of chase.  It was fun for me to join in on the fun this morning.  
Looking at this picture makes me realize my little girl isn't so little and my big girl is bigger than ever.  I have a post coming soon of all the clever and funny things Anna Ruth says throughout the day.  It's mind-boggling and joyful. 

Of course, the playhouse and tricycle remain huge hits around our house.  
Today was a very uneventful morning outside and I must say, it was nice. 
Does that make sense?  To me I enjoy a small, quiet morning at home much more than running errands and unloading everyone a million times.  We are more free at home, outside and I like that. 
And this, I'm very proud to say, is my art print!
You can read more about purchasing one of these prints in my shop here on my art blog!

This week we're looking forward to play time and learning about water,
watermelon slices,
a visit to my grandparents,
maybe a park play day or two. 
Soaking up summer, that's what.

How about you? 


  1. BEAUTIFUL! You're very blessed to have so much outside space at your disposal. It's the one thing I don't like about living in a city, I really with we had a garden. Maybe in a few years we will move to the country!

    1. I adore the country life, as you know. I'm sure you have exciting things to do and places to see that we don't though also! :)


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