A peek at my art journal pages..

Adding in a few new supplies to my normal art journaling routine sure has been fun.  I feel like a whole new world of possibilities is available when a few new mediums sit sprawled all over the counter.  For this round of pages I've been using a maroon paint pen, watercolors, a sharpie, washi tape, and gouache paints.  I also added in a few magazine clippings and some of my personal photos.

With most of these pages I add a layer here, another layer there...
and then come back to the page later in the day or even a few days after that. 
Some pages end up with a white background, like the little gal below. 
Other pages end up completely messy and with very little white space left at all. 
I'm finding that I like both.

I suppose that applies to my real life also.
I like both the empty page space and and the messy layers that make up our not so ordinary lives.

This little gal was made with gouache paint. 
I ordered some off Amazon and they are a highly pigmented, very thick paint.  
These are my favorite types of paint I've ever used so far.  I have a few more ideas (guitar with flowers, anyone?) up my sleeve for later this week! 
I liked this little lady so much she ended up in my shop. 
You can find her as an 8 x 10 print here.


  1. I love the flowers girl - and the trees on the opposite page are gorgeous too, the remind me of something from a Dr Seuss book!

    1. Thank-you so much! I do love Dr. Suess and hadn't thought of that connection 'till you said so. I can see it! :) :)


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