A spiritual experience.

I have a few friends who say things I think, but am maybe not brave enough to voice myself. 

A couple of months ago at a Rosy Retreat my friend Natalie said the light on the farm during the golden hour was almost like a spiritual experience.  I nodded and grinned, knowing exactly what she meant.  
Earlier this week, this little moment came along.
I spotted two butterflies, bold in their beauty, from a distance.  Chasing butterflies is a little game the girls and I play every time we're outside, seeing who can get the closest.  This day I just happened to have my camera and the butterflies just happened to be busy enough for me to capture them up close.  Like, really close.

I snapped a picture or two, then three or four more.  I must have been holding my breath almost the entire time, shivers running up and down my arm.  
I have never captured a butterfly in this way.  A spiritual experience for me, indeed.
I suppose there are the naysayers who would quote stats about the number of good butterfly pictures already taken and put out into the world.  I suppose they might even say this was just luck, or a "good shot".  

That's all-right.  For me though, this was angels or God or something from the Heavenlies sending a hopeful, surprising, beautiful sign on the first day of autumn that a breath of fresh air had arrived.  

Dear autumn, what other lovelies do you have up your sleeve?


  1. The butterfly is beutiful! Truly a gift from God! :) G&P

  2. I truly believes that God loves us in these tiny ways. In fact, the post I wrote yesterday about Elijah, is one of my favorites, because it describes God in the "gentle whisper", as opposed to the monumental events.

    There is something beautiful about being in nature and seeing the signs of HIM all around.

    Spiritual indeed.

  3. Beautiful photos. You do such a good job.

  4. They're beautiful pictures, it doesn't matter how many other butterfly pictures exist these are special to you and capture that special moment :)


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