Toddler fun this fall! (we're getting our "sporty" on)

I've been surprised how easily we've settled into our fall routine, school schedule and all.   My girls go to a preschool a couple of mornings a week and although I was looking forward to them having this experience I was not looking forward to trying to make it on time!  Or giving up our free time at home. But, I'm happy to report we've been dressed nicely and on time every single morning so far! 

I think I deserve an Olympic gold.  
And of course, we've still found plenty of time to make and create at home, just like the long-lost days of summer.  One of my favorite ways to create with the girls is to simply lay out a few enticing things and see what they come up with on their own.  This afternoon it happened to be paint and pinecones.

I even had a chance to jump in and paint while the girls did also.  That is really my favorite-painting alongside my two sweeties.  I made this giant painted sign.  I still haven't quite decided what to do with it or where to hang it.  I sure do love how it turned out though. 

And those words?  Totally true for my life.

Obviously the girls are getting plenty of art, creativity, and learning time in.  Farm time?  You bet.  But Brett and I found ourselves saying out loud we'd like them to have more sporty things.  Off we went last weekend to Target to get hula hoops, a kite, (ok those two aren't that sporty), and a t-ball set.  

Once we put the bat in Anna Ruth's hands she really surprised us! Girls got some skills. :) 

One of my favorite days (ever) with the girls lately was Monday, the first day of autumn. 
We played t-ball, flew a kite super high in the sky, made art, went on a leaf hunt, and harvested the garden.  All in the most gloriously sunny weather.  

Ok fall, you win.  I suppose you've shown me we can have the enjoyment of preschool AND the carefree side of your sister, Summer.


  1. your girls are adorable.. SO proud you are enjoying them.. [My two are all grown and gone.. Now, one is a preacher and the other a teacher.] I sure miss the little ones..
    Have fun and enjoy the fall.


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