My girls.

My interesting, beautiful girls.
My 17-month apart girls....

curious, sweet, in love with the outdoors and their daddy, 
always ready with hugs for Nana.
Mud lovers, adventure discoverers.
Unique, incredibly opposite of one another, great wonders of God.

Funny, silly, and full of ways to make me laugh...

there is truly never (ever) a dull moment in our house with my girls around.

My girls love cheering for the Razorbacks, playing outside, eating at restaurants, making art, and dressing up.

Both adorable, I'm in awe at the enormous task of raising and loving them well. 
I pray I do a fantastic job.

My girls are growing to love Jesus,
with Anna Ruth saying "God made the sunset!" and exclaiming how it's purple and so pretty!

My girls are made in the image of God,
exactly how He wanted them to be. 

I pray they're learning to tuck confidence and grace inside their hearts deep...
where the world can't take it away,
and to know the extravagant love of Jesus.


  1. The vegetable garden looks LUSH!!! I love how Betsy Grace has a similar face to Zephyr (my youngest - he's 15 months now). It must be a baby thing before they grow into their child/adult faces!

    Love seeing pictures of you too. You're such a natural mama.

  2. I love this post. Everything. It's just perfect. :)


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