fall basket of FUN (to beat the dark nights)

Friends, fall is upon us.  I asked a question recently on Instagram about if people were sad to see summer go or glad to welcome autumn in.  I'm not gonna lie, I was hugely outnumbered in my sadness at summer's end!  So let's just go ahead and agree to disagree, shall we?  

I never used to be a summer girl.  I lived and breathed for October.  But then again I never used to be a farm girl either.  Now that our summers are filled with enjoyable things like plopping a lawn chair down in the yard to watch the lightning bugs, carefree days romping around in the pastures, gardening, boat rides, and wildflowers that go on for dayssss....well, let's just say October has seemed a bit less "shiny" to me.     But it's here, and I am "the rosy gal" after all, so let's get down to business, embracing all that is fall. 
 Something you might not know about us right now is how much my hubby has to work.  Like, it's a lot.  A whole lot.  So, by the time he comes home and plays with the girls he's very tired and ready for bed a lot earlier than I am.  I've always been one to do something enjoyable in the evenings and the early dark combined with a sleepy husband gives me a bit more time on my hands.  

(we DO all have time, you know this right?! I hear the words "How do you have time to______" and it blows me away every single time.  What do other people do in the evenings? If the tv's on at our house, my hands are usually busy)  Sorry, stepping off my soapbox.  But we make time for what matters to us.  If your creative spirit is starving...make time for that.

I decided with the dark closing in a little earlier this time of year I'd create a basket of FUN I'd look forward to diving into all day long.  A treat for myself at the end of the day!  A companion for my tv watching or sitting next to the stove.  

Let's take a closer look at what's inside! 
 On the right side of the basket are all my art journaling supplies.  Things like tape, a mini stapler, pictures, magazine cut outs, and scrapbook embellishments all fit in a shoebox.  I also have colored pencils, watercolors, and my fave-sharpies and a paint pen (ok, my ABSOLUTE fave) .  
 I have my two journals packed in tight behind my supply box.  The journal on the right is my art journal, the cover just hasn't been decorated yet.  The journal on the left is my slow living/rosy notebook.  I keep a running list of the things that make me smile or that I'm grateful for.
I like to keep watercolors on hand in my fall basket of fun for several reasons.  Mostly because they're easy to carry around and they dry very, very quickly, as opposed to acrylic paints.
 I loaded up my basket with a couple of fall goodies....
a delicious smelling fall candle and a mini pumpkin.  
Reminders of how special this season truly is.
Of course there are some nights even I need a creative break. 
Yep, you read that right. 
Even me! 

And for those rare times I plan on reading.  Besides my huge stack of magazines, I have books.
Oh, how I love a good book.  They so easily transport me away from the nagging thoughts of the day..and into a whole new world. 

My friends, there you have it.  My fall basket of fun. 
Don't the autumn evenings sound just a whole lot more lovely with such a pretty basket to tote around? 

I also plan on making an additional sewing basket....
I'm a bit nervous about that one, but wanting to try my hand at some this season. 
Sewing, that is. 

Now, it's your turn...
go gather a basket (or thrift one),
and let the fall basket of fun begin! 
(how much fun would this be to give as a gift?!)

 { Come back tomorrow for free fall printables, created by yours truly! }


  1. I love it! Do you need some sewing supplies? I think I have a few things to share. :)

  2. Sara,
    I love this idea so much that I'm featuring YOU on my blog today :)
    Thanks for always being real!


  3. I just started reading your blog, like just with this post, and I'm already hooked! I love your rosiness and this idea. I have a basket by my bed full of books, and I think it's time to mix things up and fill it with more fun, creative things that can help my evenings be more intentional and inspired. Thanks!! And I look forward to reading more! :) - Mel


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