Free fall printables! (by yours truly)

If you read my last post then you know I'm on a quest to find the light this fall, once again.  There is the utter and complete romantic and dreamy side of autumn.....the cozy fires, the layers of clothes, the frosty breath.  Then there's the flip side-the darker than dark evenings that start at 7:30, and then 6:30...and then 5:30.  

So, this year I say to the dark "Bring it on, we're ready for you!".  I admit, my spirit gets a bit more down during the long, dark evenings.  But I am reminded that God is light and if we keep adding the light..the darkness doesn't seem so dark anymore. 

In the spirit of adding the light to our autumn season, I created this two free printables for you. 
You are free to download them from my Flickr page, which you can find here. I would love for you to use these as your computer wallpaper or print at your favorite local store.   These for personal use and I encourage you to add a little autumn light to your walls. 

(If you end up printing them for your home-I'd love to see! Email me a picture at if ya want!) 

Also, check out my friend Natalie's blog for my fall bucket list giveaway! 
(and a coupon code!)


  1. I think I'm the same - I'll miss the long light evenings but it is the darkness that makes the light shine more brightly!

    1. I have come back to your comment several times and read your line "it is the darkness that makes the light shine more brightly." Lovely and so true.

  2. I make light happen on grey days by lighting an apple spice or pumpkin spice candle. Then I sit and do my devo's and pray looking at the dancing light of the candle flame. Bye darkness. The glow of a candle warms my soul.


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