Rosy Retreat Recap!

Friday we woke up to chilly temperatures, a moody drizzle falling, and the need for layers.  I just knew it was the perfect night for nestling inside the farm cabin, warm and cozy for the Rosy Retreat.   Right, I was!  We gathered that evening around 7:00 and quickly handed out introductions, trading "hello's" and "nice to meet you's!" as easily as if we'd known each other for years.  

I'd emailed the ladies beforehand with a schedule for the night and first up on the agenda was practicing a bit of storytelling with our photography.  I'd painted pieces of cardboard (really, diaper boxes!), tore white pieces of paper for stamping, and gathered some scrapbook tags with inspiring quotes and words on them.  After quickly explaining how we can tell such a different story with our photos when we include a word or phrase, we got to work.  
Each gal chose a paper or cardboard piece, as well as the message they wanted to convey. We took these photos inside since it was dark and rainy outside.  My tips were to photograph your story (your paper or cardboard) showing an interesting point of view.....either only photographing someone's hands, or from "neck to knees", or even hands held up above your head.  I also think this idea would look awesome with a sign propped up by your feet, in daylight.  Maybe even with a few other props included!  

I adore how these turned out!  I'd made sure to tell each participant that I really didn't want anyone feeling out of place or uncomfortable during the night.  So there was no pressure to have your picture taken, but I'm so glad these ladies did! 
Next up we moved on into the kitchen to paint fall leaves!

We cut the leaves out of old book pages and had a variety of paint colors and brush sizes to choose from for expressing our creativity through patterns, shades, and fancy designs. 

Of Monsters and Men was playing in the background, delicious smelling candles were lit, and the laughter and conversation was plentiful.  It was wonderful being seated around a table of such unique, confident, creative ladies.  For many of the attendees, this was the first time in a long time they'd had a chance to partake in something creative, just for themselves.  It was beyond rewarding for me to see the joy on their faces as they remembered how much fun it is to let our fingers and hearts do the talking and to actually make something! 

After crafting away we needed a bit of nourishment, which came in the form of pumpkin dip and apples picked from across the street, pumpkin pie granola, herb and vinegar potato salad, and decaf coffee.  It was really important to me that every gal be able to sit down with a delicious plate of food so the pumpkin dip and granola were both made sugar free.  I also made sure the food was gluten-free so that my gluten-free gals could enjoy themselves! 

We ate outside, on the screened in porch with the twinkle lights, quilts gracing our laps to fight against the autumn chill. We covered so many topics over the course of the night-creativity, church, food, confidence, music, our kids.......
This night was so many things to me.  It was pure fun, being surrounded by a group of ladies and having the whole night to ourselves to talk, craft, eat, and photograph.  It was healing, sharing stories of confidence being rebuilt in our lives.  It was honoring, having each of these women believe in my idea enough to participate....and then go on to really enjoy themselves.  

Most of all-it was fun!  And isn't that what we all need?  I think a good dose of laughter and time to rejuvenate our unique selves is such good medicine for our daily lives.  I pray each gal left with their eyes a bit rosier, their step a bit lighter. 

{You asked-I'll be sharing more news soon about the next Rosy Retreat, taking place in early November.  The theme will be the holidays!}


  1. Just looking at the pictures makes me smile! It looks like you had a wonderful retreat full of lovely things and I just wish I lived nearer!!

  2. Ahh it took me a while to get around to your blog to read this Sara! WOW I am sooo in awe of what you have done here! First of all, what a beautiful group of girls! Something magical happens when we get a group of likeminded gals together in a safe environment, doesn't it? I can't believe you found the time to do all the things in that evening, INCLUDING taking the wonderful pictures of the process! I love the storytelling with photography and messages. I really want to try a bit more on that. I think you could do an online course teaching that too!! I'd definitely be interested.

    It looks like such a warm, welcoming and cozy retreat. Someday I will be there too, I promise!!


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