These are my confessions...and fun for your weekend.

 I'm fascinated by people.  People watching, talking to people, spending enough time with them to learn what their quirks are.  Everybody has a few quirks.  Clearly, I have one for funny hats or headbands worn on my bday.  My beautiful twin is well.....beautiful, both inside and out.  Who else would go along with my ideas like this?  

I find myself thinking "Surely, this is normal"  at least once or twice a today I bring you my weird.  My confessions of quirkiness, if you will.  

1.) I strongly dislike planners.  I've learned to become organized and planned enough to raise a family, run an Etsy shop, and run a house.  But give me a planner with color-coded blocks and make me schedule days and minutes....well, I'll run for the hills. 
(in my defense, I do use a wall calendar now.  Baby steps!)

2.) sometimes I feed Bouncy (our dog) the leftover sausage. the good stuff. the expensive kind. 

3.) I used to be a nursing major in college. For one semester. 

4.) I would consider myself both an introvert AND extrovert.  I need some time each day (and a pretty good chunk each weekend) to just draw and listen to music and be quiet.  But I could also talk just about anybody's ear off. 

5.) I have a secret blog where I keep the list of other blogs I read on a daily basis. 

6.) today I bought the Of Monsters and Men album.  Love it. 

7.) I tear up a lot. like at the story I read in Oprah about an interior designer who designs for help military families.  I get embarrassed every single time.  I wish I didn't.  It's who I am. 

8.) When something's really "WOW" to me....I say "holy cow" to myself.  

9.)  I love tv, specifically America's Got Talent and Parenthood.  And Jimmy Fallon.  And Food Network. 

10.) I don't wash my hair every day. 

11.) sometimes the girls and I don't eat breakfast 'till close to 10.  Maybe every few weeks or so. I NEVER share that on IG.  I'm scared of people's reactions! 

12.) I really, really like relaxing at home.  Or going to a thrift store to browse.  I don't like shopping at the mall for fun. 

13.)  My close, best friends are very few.  As in 3 or 4 friends I consider close.  People think because I blog I have a huge, wide circle of bff's.  Nope.

14.)  I like rap.  And country.  And Whitney Houston.  And Johnny Cash.  

15.)  I'm sugar/dessert free for over 3 months.  

16.) I like to eat a snack almost every night before bed. 

17.)  I like friends who let me be included in their lives and help them....bring them food, etc. 

18.)  I have a few IG friends I wish I could meet in real life!  I long to meet a tribe who understands daydreaming, painting, long flowy skirts, and free spirits.

19.)  I'm praying for change this autumn.

20.) although a fan of a "happy mess" some mess stresses me out.  like the blue marker I found all over the girls wall today.

21.) I think the natural word speaks volumes we never even hear.  I want to hear.

22.) I have several "secret" boards on Pinterest. One has over 500 pins.  

23.) I adore feathers, webs, and heart rocks. 

And last, a few links that had me saying "yes."  I think you'll like for your weekend! 

1.) Friday Night Meatballs here.
2.) On prayer and the table and my friend Margret here.
3.) I already can't wait for this.

Got any confessions or questions for me?  :) 


  1. I love that your sister goes along with plans for flowery crowns, she sounds wonderful! And I'm with you on needing a little bit of time each day to create - it definitely helps me feel balanced!

  2. Um, my little guy is 8, and we totally don't eat breakfast every Saturday until 10. We all grab a snack if we want it before we do a family breakfast. It works for us and our slow poke, relaxed Saturday morns, although I think it probably makes others cringe. :)

  3. So since finding you in cyber land I have been slowly reading my way through your blog to get to know a bit of you story. Wow, we have a lot in common. I am older, I have 4 kids and I am a nurse but so many of your likes, loves and insecurities are so similar to mine. Crying... all the time, i love to thrift, i love nature and heart rocks. I and LOVE to create and art journal. And I dream of holding art retreats at our homestead. I would love to see your 500 secret pins and secret blog list. I have a feeling we would have similarities on those lists too. And more than anything I too wish I could meet some of my IG friends in real life (incl you) as I feel more myself and seen and connected with those in real life around me. I want a creative, real tribe who I can create with and share our sacred stories with out judgement and ridicule. Oh I am so glad I read this list. Thank you for sharing.
    xx Jo (soulhousestudio).


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