Friday, September 12, 2014

These are my confessions...and fun for your weekend.

 I'm fascinated by people.  People watching, talking to people, spending enough time with them to learn what their quirks are.  Everybody has a few quirks.  Clearly, I have one for funny hats or headbands worn on my bday.  My beautiful twin is well.....beautiful, both inside and out.  Who else would go along with my ideas like this?  

I find myself thinking "Surely, this is normal"  at least once or twice a today I bring you my weird.  My confessions of quirkiness, if you will.  

1.) I strongly dislike planners.  I've learned to become organized and planned enough to raise a family, run an Etsy shop, and run a house.  But give me a planner with color-coded blocks and make me schedule days and minutes....well, I'll run for the hills. 
(in my defense, I do use a wall calendar now.  Baby steps!)

2.) sometimes I feed Bouncy (our dog) the leftover sausage. the good stuff. the expensive kind. 

3.) I used to be a nursing major in college. For one semester. 

4.) I would consider myself both an introvert AND extrovert.  I need some time each day (and a pretty good chunk each weekend) to just draw and listen to music and be quiet.  But I could also talk just about anybody's ear off. 

5.) I have a secret blog where I keep the list of other blogs I read on a daily basis. 

6.) today I bought the Of Monsters and Men album.  Love it. 

7.) I tear up a lot. like at the story I read in Oprah about an interior designer who designs for help military families.  I get embarrassed every single time.  I wish I didn't.  It's who I am. 

8.) When something's really "WOW" to me....I say "holy cow" to myself.  

9.)  I love tv, specifically America's Got Talent and Parenthood.  And Jimmy Fallon.  And Food Network. 

10.) I don't wash my hair every day. 

11.) sometimes the girls and I don't eat breakfast 'till close to 10.  Maybe every few weeks or so. I NEVER share that on IG.  I'm scared of people's reactions! 

12.) I really, really like relaxing at home.  Or going to a thrift store to browse.  I don't like shopping at the mall for fun. 

13.)  My close, best friends are very few.  As in 3 or 4 friends I consider close.  People think because I blog I have a huge, wide circle of bff's.  Nope.

14.)  I like rap.  And country.  And Whitney Houston.  And Johnny Cash.  

15.)  I'm sugar/dessert free for over 3 months.  

16.) I like to eat a snack almost every night before bed. 

17.)  I like friends who let me be included in their lives and help them....bring them food, etc. 

18.)  I have a few IG friends I wish I could meet in real life!  I long to meet a tribe who understands daydreaming, painting, long flowy skirts, and free spirits.

19.)  I'm praying for change this autumn.

20.) although a fan of a "happy mess" some mess stresses me out.  like the blue marker I found all over the girls wall today.

21.) I think the natural word speaks volumes we never even hear.  I want to hear.

22.) I have several "secret" boards on Pinterest. One has over 500 pins.  

23.) I adore feathers, webs, and heart rocks. 

And last, a few links that had me saying "yes."  I think you'll like for your weekend! 

1.) Friday Night Meatballs here.
2.) On prayer and the table and my friend Margret here.
3.) I already can't wait for this.

Got any confessions or questions for me?  :) 


  1. I love that your sister goes along with plans for flowery crowns, she sounds wonderful! And I'm with you on needing a little bit of time each day to create - it definitely helps me feel balanced!

  2. Um, my little guy is 8, and we totally don't eat breakfast every Saturday until 10. We all grab a snack if we want it before we do a family breakfast. It works for us and our slow poke, relaxed Saturday morns, although I think it probably makes others cringe. :)

  3. So since finding you in cyber land I have been slowly reading my way through your blog to get to know a bit of you story. Wow, we have a lot in common. I am older, I have 4 kids and I am a nurse but so many of your likes, loves and insecurities are so similar to mine. Crying... all the time, i love to thrift, i love nature and heart rocks. I and LOVE to create and art journal. And I dream of holding art retreats at our homestead. I would love to see your 500 secret pins and secret blog list. I have a feeling we would have similarities on those lists too. And more than anything I too wish I could meet some of my IG friends in real life (incl you) as I feel more myself and seen and connected with those in real life around me. I want a creative, real tribe who I can create with and share our sacred stories with out judgement and ridicule. Oh I am so glad I read this list. Thank you for sharing.
    xx Jo (soulhousestudio).


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