Brave is where it's at!

Picture me jumping up and down, an ear-to-ear grin, shouting "We made it!!" 
THAT'S how I feel about this post.  The first ever Rosy Retreat is tomorrow.  Right down the road at our farm cabin.  Friends, I am amazed STILL, that this is taking place.  I've always had a dream of hosting some type of event like this.  Some times I've loudly shouted it from the rooftops, other times (like in college) I've simply pondered the thought quietly.  Of how much fun would it be "if".....
 My "if" is here.  The purpose of my Rosy Retreats is to love on people first, to show them the freedom, hope, and joy of Jesus.  Secondly, I want to free us up from show how to treasure the rosy in the routine right where we are, with what is right in front of us.  
 I believe art heals.  Friends are needed and connections...heavenly.  
I also adore a good plate of food and twinkle lights strung above.
All will be present at the Rosy Retreat.

I admit, having ideas like this makes me sometimes (ok, most of the time) feel rather silly.  Here I am, planning, painting, and crafting the afternoon away...nap time after nap time. Just me. 

But then I get a lovely email from an attendee, saying she's so excited to come,
and my heart beats a bit faster.  My brave feels a little braver.  

Suddenly, I don't feel so silly anymore.  I feel like I've stepped into just exactly who Sara was supposed to be. It's not the critics who count....remember?
It's those who dare greatly.

 So, dare greatly I will.  When it feels unpopular and I feel like the strange one.....
I'll step up my brave.

As I look around the sweet circle of friends at the Rosy Retreat...both old and new, -
I'll know that brave is where it's at. 

Let's all be brave, shall we?

(I haven't forgotten you, sweet readers.  I have a lovely pile of favorite things just waiting for a giveaway for one of you next week, to celebrate my birthday month!)


  1. I'm so excited for you Sara!!! Good luck. I can't wait to read & see all about it. All the preparations look so amazing and personal.

  2. I meant to get a real note in the mail to you before this event, but this will have to do. Have FUN!! I can't wait to read all about it!

  3. I'm thanking you hugely because you've inspired me to find my brave and allow my dream to come true! I'll be hosting my very first "Little Farm Retreat" in two weeks!!! I'm so excited and I have some beautiful and precious women all signed up to come and enjoy this amazing evening of fellowship and renewal. Thank you so much for sharing!


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