Passing along some inspiration...

Hi everyone!
I'm interrupting my normal "program", or way of doing things on the blog,
to feature some inspiration elsewhere! 
A.k.a.-I came across something super cool today, I love tooting other people's horns so to speak, and it seems I've either lost the cord connecting my camera to the computer, or Little One has stashed it for a new toy. So-I've had this recipe for Pumpkin Pie Granola saved on Pinterest. Today I was reading the gal's story behind the blog that posted the recipe.
She loves Jesus and has such a story that sounds so familiar to others I've heard over and over. We've almost become numb to struggles with food/eating, but this gal has let God use her to change lives.
Sounds dramatic? It's not, but don't just take my word-read it for yourself 
here, (click on the word "here")
and enjoy her blog! Let's bring attention to those who are helping so many by being bold for God! 

It's just like riding a bike.....

 I've been asked several times lately if I'm "ready for two".
I figure it's just like riding a bike.
Some things will come oh, so naturally this time that I was clueless about before becoming a mama! 
Although each baby is different, I have a confidence as a mom I definitely didn't have pre-Anna Ruth.

There will be challenges and moments of weariness,
but there will be much love, many giggles, 
continued amounts of walking, talking, and Cheerios,
toys scattered here and there,
learning, discipline, and growing.
Having two little girls in the house will mean pink galore,
a new kind of exhausted, happy tired,
and growing closer to my Heavenly Father than ever before.
We know, without any doubts, that having another little one right now is exactly right for our family!
So even though we can't prepare for most of what is ahead, we'll figure it out as we go,
we'll pray to learn how to love on our girls and show them the love of Jesus,
and Brett and I will continue to work through our jobs as parents.
Learning, learning, learning-
and as I heard at church this week "You are graced to be the leader you are called to be".


 My sister gave us these bar stools when we moved into our house (thanks Becca!)
We have already used them so much! 
I decided this weekend to spruce them up so here is the before:
and here is the after!
Amazing what a $4 can of spray paint can do!

Hello Autumn. We've been waiting for you!

We are loving our cooler weather! One of Anna Ruth's favorite things to do is play on the front porch. It is nice and big and gives her plenty of space to go, go, go! She is almost at a run now when she gets excited. Which is a lot out here. There are bugs to shoo, chalk to draw with, and chairs to climb in! (Or try at least)
 Brett has been working hard to line our driveway with neat rocks. One day Anna crawled all the way over there by herself. This is her ornery look and one I see a lot. It is usually followed by some very loud talking, or an action she's been told not to do. Such a spirited, fiercely independent girl! (I remember saying the same thing about Lainey, her cousin. What a pair these two will make)
 One day after an outing in town this is how Brett and I found Anna Ruth asleep in her seat.
New barn
 30 weeks pregnant.....
it is going by. so. fast.!
 Anna is at the stage where she is learning so much.
We are practicing letting her walk in stores (and in public) but learning to hold our hands.
This is going as well as you can expect for an independent 15-month old! 
We give her a choice of holding our hand, or being held. 
She is doing well with this, 
and the other discipline lessons we are finding are a part of everyday life now.
It takes patience, work, work, and more patience.
We are so proud that she is learning to obey!

Seasonal/Educational Decorating

 This is the china cabinet I painted a few months ago.
I was still in love with the color, but wanted to use the space a bit differently.
I want our home and the things in it to serve my current "teacher's" position-which is stay at home mama.
That means I want to include tools and opportunities for our children to imagine, create, learn, and grow!
So, I decided to make this a seasonal/educational shelf plus china cabinet!
 I keep a running list of play ideas and activities I want to try with Anna Ruth but wanted a place to store the materials.  I also have several books on play and hands-on learning for little ones that I wanted on the shelf as well.  Plus, learning about the changing seasons is a fascinating part of our world God so wonderfully created!
Top shelf: China
Middle shelf: Materials, activity storage plus parenting/play/hands-on learning books
Bottom shelf: Seasonal books/items (to be taken down and played with! Not just for looks)

What space do you have that could use a kid-friendly makeover?

Wheeee for the water hose!

 Anna Ruth is fascinated with the water hose!
She likes to use her yelling voice when she gets the opportunity to play with it.
Big, loud fun!
 She also enjoys the mud and wet grass afterwards.
These simple moments at home are some of my richest, most satisfying parts of life right now.

You are wanted.

I read an article late, late last night. Anna Ruth still gets up to drink a bottle most nights. It isn't written by me, but echoes a piece of my heart right now. 

(Old pic, same sweet love) 
***I think this applies to women in general, even if you don't have children!

Fall Mantle, and other DIY projects :)

 Is there anything better than a vintage mason jar, filled to the brim with leftover birthday flowers?
I don't think so.
Happiness in a jar!
 Here's another sneak peek at part of Anna Ruth's big sister room.
I decided to sew patchwork curtains. OH. my word!
I don't know that I'll ever take on patchwork curtains again. It was so, so, so time-consuming. I basically sewed two small quilt tops. However I love the end result and couldn't be happier with how they turned out. 
So-mission accomplished in the long run.
 This is a new favorite spot of mine to sit at in the house....
isn't it funny how even cheering up a corner of the house can give us a nice change of scenery?
 I originally didn't plan on doing any fall decorating. I am planning on getting the house winter/Christmas ready earrrrllly, before Betsy Grace arrives. However, yesterday I decided to pull down what I already had on hand, and this is our temporary fall mantle I came up with. 
Isn't the old window dreamy?!
I think I dream in old, chippy things....
 Anna Ruth has been enjoying this camping lantern Brett let her play with.
It is so cute when she picks it up and totes it around the house.
It's just her size!

 Enough said here!
It's a Girls' World at our house....
and we are getting very excited to welcome Betsy Grace into it!
These girls are the other moms (minus two) Anna Ruth and I meet with on a weekly basis for playgroup!  All of our babies range in age, but are pretty close. I love these ladies. They are fun, comforting, encouraging, and such a bright, bright spot in my life!

Welcome SILAS!

 Welcome Silas!
We are so excited you are here. 
You are beyond precious, and
oh, so loved already. 
(Born Tuesday, September 11th at 6:01)

Catch my EYE

 a detail here or there,
a pretty sight,
an inspiring display,
angles and lines,
twinkle lights,
these are the images that catch my eye,
and fill my days with a second glance at beauty.

Evelyn the Inchworm and Other Treats

 Meet Evelyn,
the tiny inchworm with big style.
 I sewed Evelyn this weekend, from my new book Brett got me for my birthday. I had mentioned how badly I wanted this book, to sew little dolls and characters for our girls. He listened, and ordered it for me.
Evelyn was hard for me to sew, mostly because my brain doesn't work well with specific directions and patterns. I can look at something and figure out how it's sewed pretty easily...
but reading directions is like reading french to me! However, I stuck with it, and am so excited about this book!
 This is the book.
It is wonderful! 
So inspiring, and so much fun to look through.
I enjoyed finishing Evelyn and can't wait to start something new!
Here's a peek at one of my favorite projects from the book.
 Brett also listened when I mentioned this book a while back, and ordered it for me as well!
Robin Roberts is one of the co-anchors on Good Morning America, which I used to watch daily. She is such a strong lady, beating breast cancer a few years ago. She now has a rare blood disorder, from the chemo that was treating the breast cancer and has to undergo a bone marrow transplant (tomorrow). Anyway, she often spoke of her mom and her incredible story and faith in God. Her mom passed away a week or two ago, but wrote this book recently. I look forward to reading it and letting you all know what I think!
 The night of my birthday Brett came walking in with flowers, and this Hershey's chocolate pie! The man knows me oh, so well. It was/is delicious! Can you believe there's still some left?
What treats have lifted your heart lately??

Barns and babies

 We're getting a much needed new barn built at the farm!
I also entered the 3rd trimester with Betsy Grace last week.
 Some of Anna Ruth's favorite activities lately are walking, and sitting on the wooden section of our stairs.
She loves to swing her legs off the edge and jabber while sitting here. 
She is such a talker/yeller!
Especially when it comes to flies, another pet peeve of hers. (can 14-month olds even have pet peeves?)
Anytime she sees a fly at home she waves her hand, tells it "Shhh, Shhh" and usually gives it a good scolding.
Funny little girl.
This week we are happily awaiting the arrival of her new cousin!
Boy or girl?
We shall see!

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