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Hi everyone!
I'm interrupting my normal "program", or way of doing things on the blog,
to feature some inspiration elsewhere! 
A.k.a.-I came across something super cool today, I love tooting other people's horns so to speak, and it seems I've either lost the cord connecting my camera to the computer, or Little One has stashed it for a new toy. So-I've had this recipe for Pumpkin Pie Granola saved on Pinterest. Today I was reading the gal's story behind the blog that posted the recipe.
She loves Jesus and has such a story that sounds so familiar to others I've heard over and over. We've almost become numb to struggles with food/eating, but this gal has let God use her to change lives.
Sounds dramatic? It's not, but don't just take my word-read it for yourself 
here, (click on the word "here")
and enjoy her blog! Let's bring attention to those who are helping so many by being bold for God! 


  1. Wow...what an absolute blessing this post was to me! It brought tears to my eyes, just reflecting how good God is, and how amazing His love is for us...He truly cares about every area of our lives! Thanks for sharing Sara!


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