It's just like riding a bike.....

 I've been asked several times lately if I'm "ready for two".
I figure it's just like riding a bike.
Some things will come oh, so naturally this time that I was clueless about before becoming a mama! 
Although each baby is different, I have a confidence as a mom I definitely didn't have pre-Anna Ruth.

There will be challenges and moments of weariness,
but there will be much love, many giggles, 
continued amounts of walking, talking, and Cheerios,
toys scattered here and there,
learning, discipline, and growing.
Having two little girls in the house will mean pink galore,
a new kind of exhausted, happy tired,
and growing closer to my Heavenly Father than ever before.
We know, without any doubts, that having another little one right now is exactly right for our family!
So even though we can't prepare for most of what is ahead, we'll figure it out as we go,
we'll pray to learn how to love on our girls and show them the love of Jesus,
and Brett and I will continue to work through our jobs as parents.
Learning, learning, learning-
and as I heard at church this week "You are graced to be the leader you are called to be".