Pictures of both of my girls this time!

 I love this little girl.
I have teared up every single time I've looked at this picture. 
There's just something about it that reminds me of how big and how little she is both at the same time.
 Our doctor wanted to check some things out (nothing major) to make sure Betsy Grace is growing at the rate/speed she should be so we had another ultrasound today. 
Our girl is growing at a perfect rate, and weighs a bit over 3 pounds now!
She is busy, so precious to us already, and getting to be her own perfect size.
 Anna Ruth got to have some fun with her Dada on the bike this weekend!
She adores Brett, as you can easily see why.
I am so thankful for the dad he is. He plays with Anna Ruth differently than I would think too and she squeals and laughs. He sends her off to bed each night after playing football in the yard, running and zooming her like an airplane around the great room, or rides on his shoulders. My favorite is to see the tight hugs she gives him. I grew up with a dad who adored (and still does!) his girls. It's a blessing to watch that happen with my own girls' dad!


  1. OH! I love the bike riding pictures! How sweet!!! And those are sweet shots of BOTH the girls! The ultrasound pic is so sweet - love the little cheeks! Bedroom looks great =)


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