Master Bedroom decor

 The one bedroom (or room really) in the entire downstairs I've neglected to decorate or do much with has been our master bedroom. We had Anna Ruth sleep in her swing by my side of the bed when she was a newborn, and Betsy will sleep in something similar in here for a while too. We also get Anna dressed on our bed so this is a room that is used a lot!
However, I wanted it to look neat and tidy (at least when it's picked up) and like a place of rest and calm.
 So, here's what I came up with. We decided to keep our furniture we've had since we got married because we don't want another large expense at the moment. The neat suitcase under the nightstand came from my mother-in-law's house (and has her initials on it! It holds extra magazines/reading material), the basket I've had since my days living in a condo, and the pretty mirror was half off at Hobby Lobby (birthday money!)
 We like to light the candles on the dresser sometimes. They look so pretty in the lanterns!
The beautiful vase came from my sister for my birthday. It says "Grateful for simple blessings."
Love that.
 Although it might look like a rainbow exploded around the rest of the house,
our room is made up of browns and blues.
It is so peaceful!
This is a neat chicken wire frame that came from the old barn at Brett's mom's house. I made the picture kind of blurry on purpose-there are love notes from Brett and I to each other that we've written over the years attached to this. We don't want all our secrets on the web, lol!
Hope you've enjoyed a bit of our calm!
All it takes is some imagination and creativity to make a big difference in your home!