Autumn: the pep in my (creative) step

 My brain tends to work like a filing cabinet. Or at least a messy room with happy stacks of things everywhere-yet one I can easily maneuver my way around. I often store an idea here, or there, and sometimes those ideas combine in a project or craft. This is the reason Brett is always asking me about things before he throws them away. He knows there's probably a project in there somewhere, or at least likes to watch the wheels turn in my head. 
Such is the case with this new project.
I made a journal.
 It's made of burlap, old dictionary pages (in which I found a four-leaf clover, more on that story later),
 and plain brown kraft paper, empty and ready for jotting, journaling, writing, and sketching.
 Autumn has also inspired me to make the table pretty and healthy each night. A veggie arranged "just so" can look so appealing to a hungry husband or toddler.
 Anna Ruth's creative step has an extra pep to it at as well.
My girl has learned to use chalk!
We've "played" with chalk for weeks, months even. It usually means I write something on the front porch and she scratches it off with her fingers, and then proceeds to try to eat the chalk. 
And repeat. Until mama takes the chalk away! 
However, the last couple of days she's suddenly extra interested in the chalk, and just gets it. 
No more in the mouth sneaky licks, just rub, rub, rub on the rocks and porch.
And Mama's bottom, wearing black knit pants, while I was taking the journal pictures above.
 I'm (almost) 32 weeks pregnant and snacking is a must! Well, it's really always a must if I'm honest. 
If I eat lightly, but every couple of hours I stay full, and not miserable with heart burn. So, I've been on the lookout for healthy snacks that are still delicious (who wants to eat something that tastes like cardboard?) Plus-I figure my body might appreciate something other than the gingersnaps it craves constantly. I made this pumpkin pie granola, found here at Dashing Dish,
which is the same blog I posted about earlier this week. The granola is delicious! My whole family likes it. 
You must try it.. 


  1. I love the granola picture....looks yummy too! The story about Anna Ruth coloring on your pants made me laugh! :) Love you!


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