Pumpkin Cheer

 Aren't pumpkins just the happiest things?
Just cheerful as they can be. 
Today we stopped at a local church on our way home that always sells pumpkins to raise money for missions. We have plans to go to a bigger pumpkin patch later this month as well.
 But for today-this was just the right dose of happy. 
Anna Ruth loved walking among the pumpkins and loved touching them, too. 
Some of them looked as big as her!
 This is Anna's pumpkin she got to take home and keep in her room.
She even got to draw on it with chalk once we got home.
Family photos last year:
this year!
 Here's a look back at Anna Ruth from last year....
my, oh my, how things have changed!
 On the way home Brett stopped to let me get a doughnut.
Our day also included a trip to the library where we got to work our favorite puzzle, and Anna Ruth got her first balloon....which sailed up to the ceiling (even though it was tied on the stroller) and Anna gave it a good scolding for floating away. lol. 


  1. I love the pictures of Anna Ruth, the pics from last year, and the family picture. My fave is the donut one though! :) Ps. Loving your hair as it gets longer! ;)


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