A is for: Anna's Apples

 One of Anna's newest loves is apples.
I hadn't even thought to give her a whole apple before, but her sweet Nana gave her one recently and she loved it! She really likes to walk around the house or yard with her apple and eat it on the go. 
Her top gum is currently super swollen and dark purple, and has been for several days. This makes my mama's heart so, so sad. I'm hoping that chomping on a cold apple will feel good to her and bring her some relief.
 Something else Anna loves is the great outdoors. Walking in the grassy yard and checking out the sticks and rocks is such an adventure! Especially on this day, when it was cold and dewy/foggy outside. I caught a glimpse of the beauty outside and we abandoned breakfast (momentarily at least!) to hurry and enjoy such a sweet time of morning. These moments, if not captured and enjoyed-are so fleeting.
Plus, they help carry this tired mama through things like laundry, interrupted sleep, and a teething baby.
It's all a matter of perspective! I challenge you to look hard, pray desperately for it if you have to-for the simple joys. They are right there for the taking.