So. So. Proud.

 Today my heart is so, so proud of Anna Ruth. The truth is I've been trying to make sure lately that any issues that come up during the day are discussed when Anna can't hear. I discipline her a lot at this age. It's just natural, as she's approaching two. She hears enough correction and I don't think kindly of speaking negatively about a child in front of them. So, today-let me brag.
We have been working lately on a new skill-holding our hand while in public and walking beside us. When I am out and about with Anna Ruth on my own she always rides in her stroller, or a cart. Today we were going into the mall to eat and go into one store.  I decided to try going in without the stroller. I'll admit-this made me a bit nervous.  But I told myself that the worst thing that could happen would be that Anna Ruth would disobey me, in which case I would handle it. 
So-in we went. After we ate I explained a couple of times to her that I was going to put her down for her to walk and that she needed to hold my hand. I also told her if she didn't hold my hand I would pick her up and she would have to be held.
I set her down and grabbed her hand......and we made it to the store with her sitting down in protest only once! (in which I gave her a firm reminder again that she could stand up and walk or I would hold her) She walked around some in the store holding my hand, and afterwards made it all the way to the mall exit, walking like a big girl.
So, so proud.
 In other exciting news Anna Ruth's Nana is letting us use her piano for now while she's in the middle of a move.  Anna Ruth so enjoys playing away during the day.
 I got some new glasses.
 Anna Ruth and I are enjoying the fall weather immensely! 
One of our favorite ways to spend an afternoon is to go out in the yard,
no toys required! We walk, listen, bend down and investigate, talk, and just be.