Anna Ruth's first pony ride: Wonderful Autumn Weekend

 This weekend we took Anna Ruth to a pumpkin patch. We have been looking forward to this for such a long time.  Included in the price was a pony ride!! I wasn't sure if she would like this or not.  Our plan was for her to just "pat pat the pony" in case she didn't like it. 
That was clearly not the case!  Anna Ruth absolutely loved her first pony ride. 
She even shed some tears when it was time to get off.

 We went through the mini maze, instead of braving the hour long big maze.  Brett teased me in this maze by grabbing Anna Ruth and walking very fast away from me.  He knew this would make me laugh and laugh, but panicking at the thought of getting stuck in a corn maze by myself at 33 weeks pregnant.
 They also had a large box filled with corn kernels for the kids to play in.
Anna was so relaxed in this box! 
We teased about making one for her at home to calm her down sometimes.
 My heart goes pitter-patter.
 This is some beauty a little closer to home-in our yard!
 Part of the view from our back deck! 
We are embracing and enjoying this autumn season.
What have you done to celebrate?