$2 DIY Memo/Picture Holder

 I spotted something on Pinterest (see the bottom picture ) and was totally inspired by it.
Ok-so to be honest I wanted to buy it! But, the $30 cost, plus shipping and handling simply wasn't in the budget. So-I made my own version! I bought the wire basket at Goodwill for $1. It was hideous-it was a sparkly metal with green beads and yellow thick string attached to it. Plus a big handle! 
I simply removed all of the "accessories" from the basket, spray-painted it yellow, and turned it upside down.
For the stand I painted two glass bottles two coats of paint, and then after they dried, turned the smaller bottle upside down on top of the larger one.  I hot-glued the bottles to make sure they would stay, and then placed the wire basket on top.
Last-I added cute ribbons, fabric, and magazine clippings that are meaningful to autumn. 
I can't wait to decorate this for Christmas too!
This is the version I was inspired by.
Their version-$30.
Mine-$2 ($1 for the basket, $1 for the alligator clips)
What have you been inspired by lately?


  1. Cool idea! I saw that too. The basket was def "thinking outside the box!" ;) My frame is almost done - just need the chicken wire then it'll be hang worthy


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