No batteries required

 Here are a few simple joys filling (most) of our days lately:
We visited Jana and the kids. Anna Ruth had a great time exploring their house and toys!
I got to put this sweet boy to sleep.
Let's be honest-my body is like a giant pillow so what more could a little boy want?
I was relieved I could still put a little one to sleep.
 Anna often looks like she is rockin' the mullet.
Business in the front-full on party in the back!
This day I got it in a ponytail.
Guess how long it lasted?
 We love to explore outside and observe the clouds...
we almost always see and hear airplanes while we're outside too!
 Another "no batteries required" activity we've been doing is reading autumn books and exploring things centered around this season.  Some of the books we've bought or received from others.  Most are checked out from the library.  This day I put a mini pumpkin, pinecone, and acorn in Anna's plastic pumpkin for her to reach in and play with.
 The plastic cup has nothing to do with autumn, but is filled with clothespins.  Anna Ruth enjoyed taking all the clothespins out, and then putting them back in.  Having a list of creative/engaging activities taped up on the china cabinet (Remember this makeover of our space?) has really improved our play time!  I've also been thrilled to notice that Anna Ruth has gone and stood in front of the china cabinet 3 or 4 times lately, pointing up and jabbering away-wanting me to get some of her fun things down. I am so happy to oblige!
 This is a lovely print Brett let me get for my birthday. It is from Katie Daisy's Etsy shop, The Wheatfield, one of the happiest, most inspiring places on the web! I own 3 of her prints now...and could really plaster my house with even more!  I used a chicken wire frame for this particular print.  These types of frames are so easy to make and very versatile.  I also attached a cute fat quarter behind the print that I found for $1 at Joann fabrics.  Easy and so cheery!
Isn't this sight wonderful? I must have said it a thousand times-but I love our country life.
Beth Moore wrote an article I read yesterday that sums up my feelings quite well about this kind of living.