Seasonal/Educational Decorating

 This is the china cabinet I painted a few months ago.
I was still in love with the color, but wanted to use the space a bit differently.
I want our home and the things in it to serve my current "teacher's" position-which is stay at home mama.
That means I want to include tools and opportunities for our children to imagine, create, learn, and grow!
So, I decided to make this a seasonal/educational shelf plus china cabinet!
 I keep a running list of play ideas and activities I want to try with Anna Ruth but wanted a place to store the materials.  I also have several books on play and hands-on learning for little ones that I wanted on the shelf as well.  Plus, learning about the changing seasons is a fascinating part of our world God so wonderfully created!
Top shelf: China
Middle shelf: Materials, activity storage plus parenting/play/hands-on learning books
Bottom shelf: Seasonal books/items (to be taken down and played with! Not just for looks)

What space do you have that could use a kid-friendly makeover?


  1. What fun pictures! And the barn looks great - Brett did a great job!! I really like your china cabinet. That's a neat idea. I have vintage cans and containers that I keep the boys stuff in. One of my favorite finds is a cream colored can that has vintage flowers on it. It perfectly holds coloring books and High Five Magazines! I also have an old egg basket that holds books. I may have to re-look at things and get some new ideas! Thanks for the inspiration. :) OH! Whatever that yellow figurine is on the top shelf on top of the plates - SUPER COOL!


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