Hello Autumn. We've been waiting for you!

We are loving our cooler weather! One of Anna Ruth's favorite things to do is play on the front porch. It is nice and big and gives her plenty of space to go, go, go! She is almost at a run now when she gets excited. Which is a lot out here. There are bugs to shoo, chalk to draw with, and chairs to climb in! (Or try at least)
 Brett has been working hard to line our driveway with neat rocks. One day Anna crawled all the way over there by herself. This is her ornery look and one I see a lot. It is usually followed by some very loud talking, or an action she's been told not to do. Such a spirited, fiercely independent girl! (I remember saying the same thing about Lainey, her cousin. What a pair these two will make)
 One day after an outing in town this is how Brett and I found Anna Ruth asleep in her seat.
New barn
 30 weeks pregnant.....
it is going by. so. fast.!
 Anna is at the stage where she is learning so much.
We are practicing letting her walk in stores (and in public) but learning to hold our hands.
This is going as well as you can expect for an independent 15-month old! 
We give her a choice of holding our hand, or being held. 
She is doing well with this, 
and the other discipline lessons we are finding are a part of everyday life now.
It takes patience, work, work, and more patience.
We are so proud that she is learning to obey!