Fall Mantle, and other DIY projects :)

 Is there anything better than a vintage mason jar, filled to the brim with leftover birthday flowers?
I don't think so.
Happiness in a jar!
 Here's another sneak peek at part of Anna Ruth's big sister room.
I decided to sew patchwork curtains. OH. my word!
I don't know that I'll ever take on patchwork curtains again. It was so, so, so time-consuming. I basically sewed two small quilt tops. However I love the end result and couldn't be happier with how they turned out. 
So-mission accomplished in the long run.
 This is a new favorite spot of mine to sit at in the house....
isn't it funny how even cheering up a corner of the house can give us a nice change of scenery?
 I originally didn't plan on doing any fall decorating. I am planning on getting the house winter/Christmas ready earrrrllly, before Betsy Grace arrives. However, yesterday I decided to pull down what I already had on hand, and this is our temporary fall mantle I came up with. 
Isn't the old window dreamy?!
I think I dream in old, chippy things....
 Anna Ruth has been enjoying this camping lantern Brett let her play with.
It is so cute when she picks it up and totes it around the house.
It's just her size!

 Enough said here!
It's a Girls' World at our house....
and we are getting very excited to welcome Betsy Grace into it!
These girls are the other moms (minus two) Anna Ruth and I meet with on a weekly basis for playgroup!  All of our babies range in age, but are pretty close. I love these ladies. They are fun, comforting, encouraging, and such a bright, bright spot in my life!