Evelyn the Inchworm and Other Treats

 Meet Evelyn,
the tiny inchworm with big style.
 I sewed Evelyn this weekend, from my new book Brett got me for my birthday. I had mentioned how badly I wanted this book, to sew little dolls and characters for our girls. He listened, and ordered it for me.
Evelyn was hard for me to sew, mostly because my brain doesn't work well with specific directions and patterns. I can look at something and figure out how it's sewed pretty easily...
but reading directions is like reading french to me! However, I stuck with it, and am so excited about this book!
 This is the book.
It is wonderful! 
So inspiring, and so much fun to look through.
I enjoyed finishing Evelyn and can't wait to start something new!
Here's a peek at one of my favorite projects from the book.
 Brett also listened when I mentioned this book a while back, and ordered it for me as well!
Robin Roberts is one of the co-anchors on Good Morning America, which I used to watch daily. She is such a strong lady, beating breast cancer a few years ago. She now has a rare blood disorder, from the chemo that was treating the breast cancer and has to undergo a bone marrow transplant (tomorrow). Anyway, she often spoke of her mom and her incredible story and faith in God. Her mom passed away a week or two ago, but wrote this book recently. I look forward to reading it and letting you all know what I think!
 The night of my birthday Brett came walking in with flowers, and this Hershey's chocolate pie! The man knows me oh, so well. It was/is delicious! Can you believe there's still some left?
What treats have lifted your heart lately??