I'm baaaack.

 Last week it rained, Praise Jesus!
It also stormed something awful for a bit, complete with booming thunder and lightening galore.
So-our internet has been out since Thursday.
I'm coming down off the withdrawal right now, and have plennnnty of blog posts coming.
Join me. :)

 As my last post mentioned, Brett and I celebrated 4 years of marriage last week!
He took me to dinner at Hugo's, and then we browsed Barnes and Noble. 
In the middle of the week-such a treat!
Oh, and Betsy Grace is 22 weeks along here..
 Cute window downtown.
 Storm damage...
 "What is it mama?"
 We even had hail piled up after the storm!
I hid in the bathroom with Anna Ruth and prayed out loud for safety. :)
Jana said she heard we had 70 mph winds!
 We also had our sweet relatives from Virginia visiting last week...
I wish I got to see them more.  :(
Some of my most favorite people. EVER.
 And last, but not least, Anna Ruth took her first trip to the splash park!
My momma is so brave to walk allll the kids around.
She also held Anna Ruth for me while Anna splashed. 
What a great Granna!

Another first for miss Anna Ruth?
A visit to the chiropractor! Her ear infection never healed, even after taking the antibiotic for 10 days. We're talking sleepless nights for days on end. So, I took the recommendation of several people and took her to be adjusted last week.  We've gone twice so far, and go again Thursday. Please pray for our girl. It is a lot of work taking care of a sick baby, and it is starting to catch up to us. However, I am most concerned with her sweet, little body! She is still full of spunk most of the time, but I can't wait for our girl to feel 100% again! 

The chiropractor is realllly working though, so if you're looking for an alternative to the antibiotics I would highly suggest it!

Happy 4 years to us: An honest love story

 Happy 4 years of marriage to Brett and I! 

Here's a bit of our story,
we met at church and both served in our college group.
Because Brett chooses his words more carefully than I, 
he appeared at first to be someone I wouldn't date.
(although I thought he was super cute)
After all, I'm a talker!
Surely I wouldn't be matched with a man who truly uses words....
and doesn't just talk to be talking, or says everything that comes to mind
(guilty am I)

We met in January....and a couple months down the road, began e-mailing.
Then-phone conversations,
and random things like "Can I take you to get some lemonade"?
Our first date was at Hugo's....he took me for my favorite food (at the time)-burgers.
Later, a country drive, and then he won my heart by playing his guitar and singing for me.
(something still few people know he can do!)

Fast forward through many conversations...each of us learning to trust the other.
Hearing Brett say "Sara, I love you"....
and then eventually "Will you marry me?"

And now-married 4 years, about to be a family of 4.
Here's what I know about us, and love:
I love William Brett Torbett with all my heart.
Somedays we agree beautifully, but really we're both much too passionate, stubborn, and opposite to agree all the time.
We sometimes disagree....we have "discussions" over things..
somedays are a lot of work being together-especially now that we're parents.

But the honest theme to our marriage is love.
We make each other laugh,
and if we're not enjoying each other's company we figure out why and fix it.
We pray together, talk often, read the bible together,
and have learned the beautiful reward of sharing our struggles
He lets me be me...and celebrates that!
I pray I do the same.
Brett is a treat to his girls when he comes home from work,
he is our biggest fan,
and we 3 girls are his.
:) How I love this man!

Simple pleasures

 Snack time fun with "Baby" in a cardboard box,
finding great excitement in Brett letting me use the saw
(and trying to convince him I need my own power tools :)   ),
bunk bed ladder turned craft room shelf,
inspiration and vivid color found in our every day food.

Name announcement..let's hear it for the girl(s)!

People keep asking how I feel about having a SECOND girl.
Thrilled-of course!
Bring on the pink, ruffles, play dolls, and tea parties.
I still dream of the day I'll have a sweet boy.
But for now-let's hear it for the girls!
21 weeks..
 Pretty colors at Farmer's Market this weekend.
Am I seeing pink everywhere?
just about.

She'll be called by both...
Betsy meaning, "God's promise"

Firsts: Red lipstick and Ponytail

 I've been wanting some red lipstick.
Of course my first thought was that it wouldn't look good on me.
But, today I threw caution to the wind and went for it.
 I had some help finding a shade I liked :),
and don't know what all the fuss was now about being scared to try it.
It's way more color than is ever on my lips,
and I like that. :) 
Change is good.
 While playing with Anna Ruth's hair after her nap today (the calm snuggle time) I realized I could put a chunk of it in a ponytail.
Isn't this just the cutest little spray of hair you've ever seen?!
I giggled and laughed over it for the longest time. :)

Pondering, Savoring, and Happy :)

 Pondering: "Less is more", baby girl names (we think we have one picked), next step in craft room, "Human beings, not human doings", the wisdom of God, red lipstick

Savoring: laughing with Brett and Anna Ruth, porch time with Brett, healthy dinners plus ice cream for dessert :), a good book, daily walks with Anna

Happy: with my looks (pray this for yourself.. :), to have a complete circle of friends, to know the almighty power of Jesus Christ in our family, to spend an hour soaking away in the kiddie pool with my girl, dreaming about my upcoming niece or nephew's birth..


I've said before-Anna Ruth is a constant surprise.
Usually in a good way...
(pulling clumps of hair in frustration at bed time-bad way!)
Splashing in the toilet bowl that accidentally got left open?
Shocking way...(lol)
Standing on her chair, riding it like it's a mechanical bull-
funny way :) 
I walked up to see this one day this week.
 I like to try new activities with Anna Ruth every week or so.
I've said before-sometimes they go well, sometimes she's just not interested.
She was definitely interested in this one!
The idea was simple and I found it via Pinterest.
All you do is freeze colored water (using food coloring) in an ice-cube tray.
Then, set out some clear bowls of water and let the fun begin! 
Anna played with this for about 20 minutes (with me playing along side her).
 The last few days have been rough with Anna's ear infection.
I think it's just a combination of the ear infection, 1 year shots, and more teeth coming in.
That's a lot for a little one to deal with all at once!
Last night she was up almost all night....Brett and I took turns getting up with her. I finally got her to sleep on me in the recliner around 4:00.
Brett and I were proud to say we handled the no sleep much differently now than we did when Anna Ruth was a newborn. 
We have learned life goes on :), prayer goes a long way, 
and we are so much stronger than we think.
With that said-I'm hoping tonight goes better!
 Ordinary views in the country.....
 I like to look at the pics I've taken of the house, and see what can make things look even better, using what I already have. Often, you just need to move something , or look at something with new eyes!
Such is the story of our couch. :)
I love the quilt on the back of the couch, because my momma made it.
This was how the couch looked before....
and this is the "after!" 
By simply covering the couch with the quilt it looks so much more cheery :) and colorful,
and I get to enjoy a larger view of the quilt.
Win, win!
 Simple black outfit that was comfortable,
not hot,
and I felt nice in it :).
Plus-my new favorite drink if/when we get a treat at Arsaga's..
a Skinny Decaf Iced Latte.
Changed up the mantle with my happy cow pic :)
What are you looking forward to this week?

Ear infection

Hi everyone, I took Anna Ruth in for her one-year check-up yesterday ( only a month late, ha!). Come to find out my sweet girl has an ear infection. I knew the last few days had been extremely rough with lots and lots of wake-ups at night and fussiness during the day. She's also had a cough that wakes her up as well. With her being in the middle of teething too, I just assumed the fussing was from that..or that my patience needed some extra work with Brett working all kinds of long hours last week. Evidently she really had something wrong! :( She also got her one-year shots yesterday too. So please pray for our girl!! The dr. did say her height and weight were great, that I can choose to put shoes on her if I choose but it's not necessary if she wears them all the time ( I asked about this specifically), and that her head is big :). He said this so kindly it was funny. Anna was so brave and did good at the appt, and once she'd had enough and already climbed up on the dr.'s leg wanting to be held, Sat down on the floor and started doing her " all done" sign. :)

"So you had a bad day"...

 The last day or two have been a bit rough with Anna Ruth.
Things aren't always rosy around here, I just try to choose to SEE the rosy.
So if you've noticed my Pinterest boards exploding lately just know that I'm choosing to see 
the schedule that slightly resembles a newborns at night, as a time for "inspiration."
Yes, even I think this is a stretch.
But-it's keeping me mentally sane for now! :)
Pin on!
 A lot of my mood and emotions are based on what I'm constantly thinking about.
So, instead of concentrating on the bad or frustrating, I often think in crafts.
Such is the case with this "Celebrate" banner! 
When I decorate at home it is usually something free (or almost free), thrifted, easy to do (because time is somewhat limited), and can't put too many holes in the wall.
Yes-you heard me right. Brett is a big time fan of NO holes in the wall. This is quite the challenging for me. Trying to use what I already have on hand-and not put any nail holes can be hard.
BUT-not impossible. :)
For this "CELEBRATE" banner I made it the old school way. Meaning-no Cricut. I don't own one and probably won't for a long, long time. Too $$$$. I simply printed out large letters on the computer, cut around them, and then hot glued them to book pages I had from a thrifted book. Last-glue yarn or string to the top and you're done! I love the happy reminder on the wall. :)
 Anna Ruth got ahold of her Daddy's wallet yesterday....
smart girl. :)
 It's funny how my prayers have changed since becoming a mama.
For example-a whispered "thank-you God for saltines and Curious George" around dinner prep time is a totally ordinary thing in my mind. :)
Yesterday we visited my grandma, and Anna Ruth was putting her diaper on her head.
I didn't capture a picture quick enough but this is the action afterwards. She goes this fast almost all.day.long.
We got to have a picnic with family afterwards at a fun park!
Such a fun, unexpected outing!
This picture makes me laugh and laugh.
Such is life!
Anna adores books and loves to be read too. But-doesn't sit still very long (as can be expected from a 1 year old). I heard Brett reading to her yesterday and walked in to find this. :) :)

Well, full steam ahead with prayer and a better day!!

The rosy in my real life!

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