Ear infection

Hi everyone, I took Anna Ruth in for her one-year check-up yesterday ( only a month late, ha!). Come to find out my sweet girl has an ear infection. I knew the last few days had been extremely rough with lots and lots of wake-ups at night and fussiness during the day. She's also had a cough that wakes her up as well. With her being in the middle of teething too, I just assumed the fussing was from that..or that my patience needed some extra work with Brett working all kinds of long hours last week. Evidently she really had something wrong! :( She also got her one-year shots yesterday too. So please pray for our girl!! The dr. did say her height and weight were great, that I can choose to put shoes on her if I choose but it's not necessary if she wears them all the time ( I asked about this specifically), and that her head is big :). He said this so kindly it was funny. Anna was so brave and did good at the appt, and once she'd had enough and already climbed up on the dr.'s leg wanting to be held, Sat down on the floor and started doing her " all done" sign. :)