I've said before-Anna Ruth is a constant surprise.
Usually in a good way...
(pulling clumps of hair in frustration at bed time-bad way!)
Splashing in the toilet bowl that accidentally got left open?
Shocking way...(lol)
Standing on her chair, riding it like it's a mechanical bull-
funny way :) 
I walked up to see this one day this week.
 I like to try new activities with Anna Ruth every week or so.
I've said before-sometimes they go well, sometimes she's just not interested.
She was definitely interested in this one!
The idea was simple and I found it via Pinterest.
All you do is freeze colored water (using food coloring) in an ice-cube tray.
Then, set out some clear bowls of water and let the fun begin! 
Anna played with this for about 20 minutes (with me playing along side her).
 The last few days have been rough with Anna's ear infection.
I think it's just a combination of the ear infection, 1 year shots, and more teeth coming in.
That's a lot for a little one to deal with all at once!
Last night she was up almost all night....Brett and I took turns getting up with her. I finally got her to sleep on me in the recliner around 4:00.
Brett and I were proud to say we handled the no sleep much differently now than we did when Anna Ruth was a newborn. 
We have learned life goes on :), prayer goes a long way, 
and we are so much stronger than we think.
With that said-I'm hoping tonight goes better!
 Ordinary views in the country.....
 I like to look at the pics I've taken of the house, and see what can make things look even better, using what I already have. Often, you just need to move something , or look at something with new eyes!
Such is the story of our couch. :)
I love the quilt on the back of the couch, because my momma made it.
This was how the couch looked before....
and this is the "after!" 
By simply covering the couch with the quilt it looks so much more cheery :) and colorful,
and I get to enjoy a larger view of the quilt.
Win, win!
 Simple black outfit that was comfortable,
not hot,
and I felt nice in it :).
Plus-my new favorite drink if/when we get a treat at Arsaga's..
a Skinny Decaf Iced Latte.
Changed up the mantle with my happy cow pic :)
What are you looking forward to this week?