"So you had a bad day"...

 The last day or two have been a bit rough with Anna Ruth.
Things aren't always rosy around here, I just try to choose to SEE the rosy.
So if you've noticed my Pinterest boards exploding lately just know that I'm choosing to see 
the schedule that slightly resembles a newborns at night, as a time for "inspiration."
Yes, even I think this is a stretch.
But-it's keeping me mentally sane for now! :)
Pin on!
 A lot of my mood and emotions are based on what I'm constantly thinking about.
So, instead of concentrating on the bad or frustrating, I often think in crafts.
Such is the case with this "Celebrate" banner! 
When I decorate at home it is usually something free (or almost free), thrifted, easy to do (because time is somewhat limited), and can't put too many holes in the wall.
Yes-you heard me right. Brett is a big time fan of NO holes in the wall. This is quite the challenging for me. Trying to use what I already have on hand-and not put any nail holes can be hard.
BUT-not impossible. :)
For this "CELEBRATE" banner I made it the old school way. Meaning-no Cricut. I don't own one and probably won't for a long, long time. Too $$$$. I simply printed out large letters on the computer, cut around them, and then hot glued them to book pages I had from a thrifted book. Last-glue yarn or string to the top and you're done! I love the happy reminder on the wall. :)
 Anna Ruth got ahold of her Daddy's wallet yesterday....
smart girl. :)
 It's funny how my prayers have changed since becoming a mama.
For example-a whispered "thank-you God for saltines and Curious George" around dinner prep time is a totally ordinary thing in my mind. :)
Yesterday we visited my grandma, and Anna Ruth was putting her diaper on her head.
I didn't capture a picture quick enough but this is the action afterwards. She goes this fast almost all.day.long.
We got to have a picnic with family afterwards at a fun park!
Such a fun, unexpected outing!
This picture makes me laugh and laugh.
Such is life!
Anna adores books and loves to be read too. But-doesn't sit still very long (as can be expected from a 1 year old). I heard Brett reading to her yesterday and walked in to find this. :) :)

Well, full steam ahead with prayer and a better day!!


  1. I had one of those days today too. Whew, sometimes it's so hard to be a mama!! So, just like you, I tried to think about some great new projects to do instead of totally exploding at my "darling angels". Hahaha. Love the celebrate banner. Love how your clue china cabinet looks in the wide shot. So bright and festive. I'm so so so happy you are having another girl. As you know, there is Nothing on earth like a sister!


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