Big sister, little sister

 Yesterday was our Gender Reveal ultrasound!
As I put on facebook
"Twice the sugar and spice, we're having ANOTHER GIRL!"
 We didn't have any feelings about what we were having, boy or girl.
Everyone else sure did!
But not us.
We kept saying we just wanted a healthy baby and we truly meant that!
I know we are blessed beyond measure to raise another child.
I thank God a lot for allowing me the privilege of raising one of His children.
I'm so thankful He's entrusted me with this job.
 I told Brett on the way to the appt. I was feeling very different about this ultrasound than I did with Anna Ruth's.
With Anna I mostly still had my mind on the changing lifestyle,
delivery and nursing, and taking care of a little one 24 hours a day!
This time my mind was on the sheer miracle of what is growing in my tummy,
this little girl's personality,
the ways she'll make us laugh and teach our family more about ourselves and God.
I see God's love and feel it when Anna Ruth smacks a kiss to me, 
or wraps those arms around me.
Now-I will feel that double. :) 
 this BIG sister,
 has a lot to teach this little sister!
Such as how to climb. :)  Anna Ruth is QUITE the climber.
She's actually quite the everything!
She has an amount of passion and energy that is unmatched.
I am in constant prayer asking God how to rein that in when necessary,
and let her be who God's created her to be without stifling her!
 I also pray to have a special place in my heart, reserved for each of my children.
Anna Ruth will always be my sweet little first born.
I know transition is up ahead,
and we will meet it head on with that unmatched passion and energy I mentioned above!
We are Torbett girls, after all. :)