I'm baaaack.

 Last week it rained, Praise Jesus!
It also stormed something awful for a bit, complete with booming thunder and lightening galore.
So-our internet has been out since Thursday.
I'm coming down off the withdrawal right now, and have plennnnty of blog posts coming.
Join me. :)

 As my last post mentioned, Brett and I celebrated 4 years of marriage last week!
He took me to dinner at Hugo's, and then we browsed Barnes and Noble. 
In the middle of the week-such a treat!
Oh, and Betsy Grace is 22 weeks along here..
 Cute window downtown.
 Storm damage...
 "What is it mama?"
 We even had hail piled up after the storm!
I hid in the bathroom with Anna Ruth and prayed out loud for safety. :)
Jana said she heard we had 70 mph winds!
 We also had our sweet relatives from Virginia visiting last week...
I wish I got to see them more.  :(
Some of my most favorite people. EVER.
 And last, but not least, Anna Ruth took her first trip to the splash park!
My momma is so brave to walk allll the kids around.
She also held Anna Ruth for me while Anna splashed. 
What a great Granna!

Another first for miss Anna Ruth?
A visit to the chiropractor! Her ear infection never healed, even after taking the antibiotic for 10 days. We're talking sleepless nights for days on end. So, I took the recommendation of several people and took her to be adjusted last week.  We've gone twice so far, and go again Thursday. Please pray for our girl. It is a lot of work taking care of a sick baby, and it is starting to catch up to us. However, I am most concerned with her sweet, little body! She is still full of spunk most of the time, but I can't wait for our girl to feel 100% again! 

The chiropractor is realllly working though, so if you're looking for an alternative to the antibiotics I would highly suggest it!