Happy 4 years to us: An honest love story

 Happy 4 years of marriage to Brett and I! 

Here's a bit of our story,
we met at church and both served in our college group.
Because Brett chooses his words more carefully than I, 
he appeared at first to be someone I wouldn't date.
(although I thought he was super cute)
After all, I'm a talker!
Surely I wouldn't be matched with a man who truly uses words....
and doesn't just talk to be talking, or says everything that comes to mind
(guilty am I)

We met in January....and a couple months down the road, began e-mailing.
Then-phone conversations,
and random things like "Can I take you to get some lemonade"?
Our first date was at Hugo's....he took me for my favorite food (at the time)-burgers.
Later, a country drive, and then he won my heart by playing his guitar and singing for me.
(something still few people know he can do!)

Fast forward through many conversations...each of us learning to trust the other.
Hearing Brett say "Sara, I love you"....
and then eventually "Will you marry me?"

And now-married 4 years, about to be a family of 4.
Here's what I know about us, and love:
I love William Brett Torbett with all my heart.
Somedays we agree beautifully, but really we're both much too passionate, stubborn, and opposite to agree all the time.
We sometimes disagree....we have "discussions" over things..
somedays are a lot of work being together-especially now that we're parents.

But the honest theme to our marriage is love.
We make each other laugh,
and if we're not enjoying each other's company we figure out why and fix it.
We pray together, talk often, read the bible together,
and have learned the beautiful reward of sharing our struggles
He lets me be me...and celebrates that!
I pray I do the same.
Brett is a treat to his girls when he comes home from work,
he is our biggest fan,
and we 3 girls are his.
:) How I love this man!