Friends Handmade Craft Day-First EVER

 This past weekend I helped host a Craft Day at my house, for friends from various circles of my life and my friend Rebekah's.  The neatest part is the story behind the Craft Day! I have been praying for a group of friends who share the same excitement and passion as I do for decorating, crafting, sewing, painting, and gluing.  This is my outlet, and how much more rich to share it with others!
 Remember when I had my Etsy shop? Well, I made items for another Craft Weekend to advertise and long story short-my friend Rebekah (pictured here) read about me on the Craft Weekend blog and we ended up e-mailing and becoming friends. A crafty friend who loves Jesus, right in my own town!  She too thought it would be fun to host our own Craft Day, so she quickly became my fellow planner/host. :)
 And that's how this all came to be....such a happy day, with happy crafts and girls! This has seriously been a desire of mine forever. I find it so fun that God cares about the silly details of our lives like this.
The idea was simple-Rebekah and I each invited our friends, planned several crafts (most involving yarn), and arranged for a Mexican food potluck for lunch.
 A couple of the girls also made these super cute frames to clip jewelry or notes/photos on.
 There was a special birthday cake for Rebekah..
 and a demo on how to make these fun yarn pom-pom balls! These are great for creating a garland, accessorizing a wreath, dressing up a wrapped gift, hanging from branches, or as making flowers!
 I put some of the leftover yarn pom poms to use and topped my niece's birthday gift with them the following day!
 We ate like queens! My friend Naomi made this delicious taco soup. 
That girl can cook. :)
 We also worked on yarn-wrapped initial letters.
This is the start of mine...
I'll show you the finished product and the yarn pom-pom flowers later this week!
Stay tuned and happy crafting!